MCU: Iron Man & Hawkeye Spin-offs, Ironheart & Echo, Receive Filming Updates

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With MCU's newest Disney+ series Loki approaching its debut, Marvel shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to streaming service storytelling.

In fact, the studio has an impressive slate of shows in the works with the likes of What If...?, Hawkeye, Secret InvasionShe-Hulk, and Moon Knight only scratching the surface.

And, as the world slowly returns to normal and Marvel moves deeper into Phase 4, production is ramping up for several announced Disney+ shows including two that are directly connected to original Avengers. 


Iron Man Ironheart

According to Murphy's Multiverse, production is set to begin on the Echo-focused Disney+ series in January 2022 followed by Ironheart in April 2022. 

Maya Lopez aka Echo will be played by Alaqua Cox — a deaf superhero who mimics the movements of another. 

After appearing in Hawkeye starring Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld later this year, Echo's story will continue in her own solo series for Disney+ that appears to have been fast-tracked. 

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Ironheart stars Dominque Thorne as Riri Williams and focuses on a young genius known for building Tony Stark-esque armor.

Much like Echo's relation to an Avenger, Riri Williams is tied to Tony Stark's Iron Man. The show itself looks to be connected to another upcoming Disney+ series — Armor Wars starring Don Cheadle


With two successful Disney+ series in the books and another on the brink of its release, it appears that Marvel is fully taking advantage of the Disney+ format to introduce new characters, stories, and connections. 

However, these production dates could certainly pose changes to the release schedule. 

For instance, if Ironheart begins production in April 2022, it's not likely to make its current 2022 release slot. 

Yet, it appears that Marvel is confident about Hawkeye and Alaqua Cox's character of Echo in order to be moving forward with her series so quickly.

In fact, it's now possible that Echo could be included in Marvel's 2022 Disney+ roster.

Changes, of course, are to be expected, especially considering the delays Marvel has been wrestling with since early 2020 and that only two MCU series have released to date.

Regardless of how the schedule shakes out, Marvel fans have a literal wealth of new characters and stories to look forward to in the months to come. 

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