Marvel's Hawkeye: Hailee Steinfeld Shares Selfie In Kate Bishop Costume

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Hailee Steinfeld Kate Bishop

The Hawkeye series for Disney+ will finally see the MCU's favorite archer get a solo project of his own, with Clint Barton's Jeremy Renner well into production for the show.

Renner is not alone though, as he will be joined by long-rumored actress Hailee Steinfeld in the role of Kate Bishop. Steinfeld has signed on for a multi-project deal like many other MCU actors, meaning that fans can expect to see her pop up in other avenues of the franchise.

The actress was confirmed not by Marvel Studios, but by eagle-eyed photographers on the set of Hawkeye who managed to catch a glimpse of Steinfeld suited up . Kate Bishop's costume won't be the only aspect of Matt Fraction's comic run on Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon , as a notable set piece will seemingly be recreated.

Hawkeye's car from the comics also seems to be making the jump from page to screen, indicating that a fun action-sequence with Kate and Clint could play out in live-action.

Steinfeld has now posted a new photo, showing off her character's costume once again...


In a new Instagram post, actress Hailee Steinfeld shared a selfie suited up as Kate Bishop from behind-the-scenes of the Hawkeye production.

Hailee Steinfeld Kate Bishop
From Hailee Steinfeld

Steinfeld appears to be in some sort of vehicle, sat next to a quiver.

The photo was accompanied by the Hawkeye actress expressing that she is "so grateful," in addition to hoping fans "are safe and well."


From everything that has been shared so far, it appears that Hailee Steinfeld is thoroughly enjoying her experience on Hawkeye. Steinfeld has already had a successful acting career, starring in the likes of The Edge of Seventeen and Bumblebee , but her stint in the upcoming Marvel Studios production should propel the actress to even greater heights.

The plush interior could indicate that this is inside Clint Barton's '70s era Challenger, suggesting that Hawkeye's car may not act as a simple set dressing after all. Although it may seem like Bishop's quiver at first, the design indicates that it may actually be Hawkeye's.

This heavily signals that the Hawkeye series will be recreating an action sequence from the Matt Fraction comic, in which Kate Bishop rummages through many of Hawkeye's 'trick arrows' to fire off against pursuers as Clint frantically drives his Challenger. Considering Steinfeld bears makeup for scratches and bruises and that Hawkeye hasn't shied away from borrowing elements in the comic book story , there is plenty of evidence to suggest that fans will get to see this humorous scene on the small screen.

Kate Bishop will certainly make a stir when Hawkeye hits Disney+ late 2021.

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