Marvel's Hawkeye Leaks: All the NYC Set Videos & Photos Showing Hailee Steinfeld, Santa & More

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Hailee Steinfeld on left with Hawkeye on right

The show hasn't even been filming in New York for a week, but it seems like Hawkeye has already filmed hours of footage with leaks holding so much potential information.

Fans already know that Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop are on the run, accompanied by the most adorable looking dog, Lucky . Additionally, fans found out that the film is taking place near Christmas and that the year will soon be 2025 .

However, there was also explosive casting news from Variety , who not only confirmed The Direct's report of Florence Pugh joining the cast, but that the casting breakdown saying that Vera Farmiga will play Kate Bishop's mother, Tony Dalton will assume the role of Jack Duquesne (more commonly known as the Swordsman), Fra Fee will put on makeup as The Clown , and Alaqua Cox will appear as Maya Lopez a.k.a Echo .

Over the past few days, there have been even more leaks, each holding their own significance.


By far, the most revealing leak from shooting in the past few days has been a snippet of dialogue from Clint to Bishop, saying that “...the guy at the top, he's dangerous,” which is likely referring to Tony Dalton's Jack Duquesne.

This line either establishs that Swordsman will be the big bad of Hawkeye or that he could be accompanied by Madame Masque , unbeknownst to the former Avenger.

Other photos showed more of the constantly changing clothes of Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop in various scenes, with these images showing her in a completely new pair of pants, but interestingly, Clint Barton once again has that backpack last seen in the subway station. Additionally, Bishop has that bruise on her cheek, indicating that this scenes takes close in time to the subway sequence.

Photos also reinforced that it is nearing Christmas, as both actors pass another Santa Claus extra jingling his bell away.

A video shows the same scene of Renner and Steinfeld walking across the NYC street:

The last significant leak from filming is a series of photos that can be found on Getty Images , which show Clint Barton with his children again , but this time at what seems to be some fancy event or gathering. Lizzie Hill of Murphy's Multiverse speculates that it is perhaps “a memorial or benefit to honor Natasha” in New York, as she distinctly lacked a significant farewell or funeral like Tony Stark, much to the frustration of some fans.

To build on what Hill is speculating, it is entirely possible that this is the event that leads Clint to New York initially, leading to him having a run-in with Kate Bishop, spiraling into what will be the ongoing plot of the series. It would seem a bit doubtful that Barton would have any other reason to be in the city with his children, so what could happen is that once the memorial service for Natasha is done, Barton sends his children away to deal with whatever Bishop has herself entangled in.


It should be made clear that this production is not being shot strictly in chronological order. So, in one day, production could be shooting scenes for multiple different Hawkeye episodes.

In New York, what is happening now is production simply filming every exterior scene in the city before flying back to film indoors for interior scenes on sound stages in Atlanta, Georgia. If fans pay attention to these various leaks, they'll notice Kate Bishop's wardrobe changing significantly with each leak, suggesting that the scenes leaking are likely from multiple episodes and definitely shot out of order.

Once production wraps in several months, it will be interesting to see the context for many of these leaks and when they take place in the series.

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