Ms. Marvel's Credits Might've Just Spoiled Hailee Steinfeld's Cameo

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Kate Bishop and Ms. Marvel, Hailee Steinfeld

Excitement has grown for the Young Avengers with each appearance of another member of the team, most prominently of all, Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop in Hawkeye. Many have speculated that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will condense all the young heroes into a single team, including characters like the newly debuted Ms. Marvel.

In the comics, Kamala Khan formed and led another team of teenage superheroes called The Champions. However, it wouldn't be hard to believe that the MCU would decide to streamline the number of superhero teams running around, even if it means that a theoretical Young Avengers team in this franchise would be comprised of at least ten members.

Now, it appears that the credits for Ms. Marvel may have spoiled a potential future cameo from one of the leaders of the Young Avengers.

Ms. Marvel's Credits Mistake

A potential mistake has been found in the credits for Ms. Marvel. At approximately 45:31 into "Generation Why," Chris Milone is credited as "Makeup Artist to Ms. Steinfeld," despite the actress not appearing in this episode.

Credits Ms. Marvel Makeup Hawkeye
Marvel Studios

Checking the credits of Moon Knight, this error doesn't appear. But it seems as if this whole section, aside from the persons credited as "Makeup Department Head," was copied straight from Hawkeye, as every other crew member is the same.

Compare Credits Ms. Marvel Hawkeye
Marvel Studios

Of course, the biggest clue that this is a mistake is that Iman Vellani's makeup artist is not credited at all, likely meaning that this section was instead copied over from Hawkeye and not changed. But what kind of mistake was it? One done out of laziness or as a sign of things to come?

Will Hailee Steinfeld Actually Appear In Ms. Marvel?

Could this crediting mistake mean Hailee Steinfeld is eventually making an appearance in a later episode of Ms. Marvel to recruit Kamala Khan to a new team of heroes she's putting together? Well, that wouldn't make too much sense for one reason: The Marvels.

It's already well known that Iman Vellani's Kamala Khan will be starring in the Captain Marvel sequel alongside Brie Larson's Carol Danvers and Teyonah Parris's Monica Rambeau, so the aspiring superhero may not have time for another superhero team-up. But fans could see Ms. Marvel reject Bishop's offer, giving the Pakistani teen a chance to form her own team of young vigilantes through The Champions.

Fans will have to keep watching Ms. Marvel on Disney+ every Wednesday to see whether Steinfeld makes an appearance.

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