Young Avengers Project May Be Moving Forward at Marvel Studios

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A Rumored Marvel Studios Young Avengers Project

Marvel Studios is ready to debut a slew of new characters as the company prepares to move forward with the next Phase of their cinematic universe. Their film slate will introduce new heroes such as Shang-Chi and The Eternals and their television division will establish characters like Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel. A long-awaited Marvel superhero team that has yet to make their live-action debut is The Young Avengers. Certain members of the team have already been either confirmed or rumored to appear in future Marvel projects, such as Kate Bishop's Hawkeye, Miss America in her own television series, and Hulkling, Speed and Wiccan in WandaVision. Now, a new rumor is suggesting that Marvel is looking to move forward on a project centered around the young team of heroes themselves.


Take this news with a grain of salt as it is only a rumor, but a reliable source has stated that Marvel Studios is in the process of looking for writers to helm a Young Avengers project. The news comes from a tweet by senior editor of Geeks Worldwide, Thomas Polito, as he states:

Marvel Studios looking to take pitches from writers means the production is still in very early stages. As one of the first steps in a production's timeline, there is still a long ways to go before seeing any progress on this project, but if the rumor is true, then it looks as if there is indeed a plan to bring the Young Avengers to fruition.


The Young Avengers have made a large impact in the world of Marvel comics, making their debut in 2005 and since then featuring a few multiple iterations of the team. Their inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would provide a uniquely young perspective into the world of the MCU, in the same ways Spider-Man: Homecoming did. The heroes involved in the team feature characters of different genders, ethnicies, and sexual orientations, which will add much more diversity and representation to the MCU's cast of characters. Marvel is likely still exploring different directions in how they will adapt the superhero team for live-action being that the project is still in early devlopment. Since there is no word on whether or not the project is for film or television, Marvel may still be working on deciding which medium would be best for the team.

A Young Avengers show could provide that fun, unique tone that Marvel seems to be going after on Disney+, but a Young Avengers film could also satisfy audiences' yearning for an Avengers-type ensemble film as the studio explores what to do with their main Avengers franchise. The news that Marvel is looking to move forward on a Young Avengers project matches an earlier rumor that the studio was looking to debut the team in Ant-Man 3, and Kevin Feige has stated that the characters introduced in the Disney+ show would crossover into the films. If Marvel decides to bring together television characters such Speed, Wiccaan, Hulkling, and Miss America for a big-screen team-up film, that would be an unprecedented and exciting feat. 


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