Hawkeye: Best Looks Yet at Hailee Steinfeld & Jeremy Renner's New Marvel Costumes Revealed

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Marvel Studios is less than a week away from its longest break in content since the spring after The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with the final episode of What If...? Season 1. Come Thanksgiving 2021, the MCU's last Disney+ show of the year will give franchise regular Jeremy Renner his first solo project with the six-episode Hawkeye series.

Fans recently got the show's long-awaited first trailer, which set the stage for the master SHIELD archer's life in a post-Avengers: Endgame world, once again attempting to settle down and enjoy time with his family. However, he will inevitably be drawn back into the madness, having to take down new bad guys while also serving as a mentor to Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop.

Now that Marvel is approaching its next major break in releases, the promotional tour for Hawkeye is ramping up and giving fans a tease of what to expect from this veteran/rookie combo.

This continues with newly released images on social media that give new details about the leading characters' superhero costumes.

New Looks At Hawkeye and Kate Bishop's Threads

Twitter users @CreamOrScream and @AidarSM shared new promotional images from Marvel Studios' Disney+ series Hawkeye, which will premiere on November 24, 2021.

Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton has an updated costume for the show, giving him the classic purple hue he's sported in his comic runs over the years. Complete with heavy-duty boots and his classic bow & arrow weaponry, the MCU veteran appears ready for his long-awaited first solo project.

Hawkeye Image Clint Barton, Jeremy Renner
Marvel Studios

Hailee Stenfeld gets her own promotional image as Kate Bishop, showcasing her own outfit with a slightly lighter tinge of purple on her top. She's wielding her own bow and arrow and also has a small broadhead case on her utility belt for various arrowheads.

Hawkeye Image Kate Bishop, Hailee Steinfeld
Marvel Studios

Barton and Bishop appear opposite one another in an image with various shades of purple and archery targets behind both characters. The art also includes the Avengers logo in the upper-left-hand corner and the Hawkeye title card in the lower right.

Hawkeye Promo Image
Marvel Studios

Jeremy Renner appears solo in another image with a headshot in the upper left and a shot of him posing in action centered in the middle. His bow is drawn as he prepares himself for whatever enemy may be in front of him. This image also seems to pay homage to comic writer Matt Fraction's run with the archer in Marvel Comics from 2012 to 2015.

Hawkeye Image Clint Barton
Marvel Studios

The final image pits Barton and Bishop with each other as they stand back-to-back under a banner of both of their names. The coloring includes shades of gray and hints of purple as the two pull off the quintessential superhero poses.

Hawkeye Image Clint Barton Kate Bishop
Marvel Studios


Marvel Costuming in Top Shape for Hawkeye

While these images keep plot details for Hawkeye under wraps for the Disney+ series, Renner and Steinfeld have the chance to show off their impressive threads and classic tools of the trade.

With Clint Barton possibly nearing the end of his run as an Avenger and Kate Bishop taking her first steps in her own hero's journey, fans will be looking forward to seeing how their costumes evolve through the show's six episodes. The MCU Disney+ shows are setting a trend of introducing iconic costumes for characters like Wanda Maximoff and Sam Wilson, and Hawkeye is clearly looking to keep up with that same standard.

Additionally, this material taking inspiration from Matt Fraction's Hawkeye stories seems to further indicate that the show will use these books as inspiration for the Disney+ show's plot. This series brought Kate Bishop to the forefront long before her first MCU appearance, which should bode well for the way Marvel Studios brings her into the fold.

Of course, there will be more promotional material and trailers teasing the show's plot over the coming weeks, especially with the aforementioned break in content after What If...? Season 1 ends. Even so, these images show off another round of MCU threads that should be a hit once they make their on-screen debut.

Hawkeye will premiere on Disney+ on November 24, 2021.

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