Falcon and Winter Soldier: First Look at Anthony Mackie's Captain America Concept Art Revealed

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Falcon and the Winter Soldier Captain America Wings Suit

There's no doubt The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a stylish show. From the cinematography to the set design, to the outfits themselves, the Disney+ show is full of meticulous details that suck audiences into its exciting world.

To pull this off, everything had to be planned out perfectly in pre-production, particularly those iconic costumes. Concept art has shown how much thought went into all the character's costumes, including an alternate costume for Bucky Barnes that never made it into the show. Apart from this, however, most of the character's costumes transferred smoothly from page to screen.


Marvel Studios: Assembled on Disney+ has always been a great source of behind-the-scenes information about Marvel's latest projects. In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode , new concept designs for the costumes in the show were revealed.

Arguably, the most iconic costume to debut in TFATWS was Sam Wilson's Captain America outfit, which fans now have their first look at concept art for.

Sam Wilson Captain America Concept Art

The concept designs show how the team managed to adapt elements of both Captain America and Falcon's outfits into one costume.

Sam Wilson Captain America 1

Anthony Mackie put the winged Captain America suit on full display in the finale, "One World, One People."

 Falcon Captain America Suit

Just as important was John Walker's Captain America outfit, which was designed to look similar to Steve Rogers' iconic suit.

John Walker Captain America concept art

Plenty of thought went into each and every character's outfit, including Sam Wilson's Madripoor disguise seen in Episode 3: The Power Broke r.

Sam Wilson Madripoor concept art

The concept art piece is very similar to the final design that appeared in the series.

Anthony Mackie Madripoor Suit Falcon and Winter Soldier

Sharon Carter doesn't have a superhero suit in the MCU yet, but the costume team did create a great hooded outfit designed for someone on the run.

Sharon Carter costume concept art


The costumes shown in this concept art are pretty much exactly what the end result was on screen in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . Some of these are pretty incredible feats, particularly Sam Wilson's Captain America outfit, which Anthony Mackie revealed is made up of around 10-12 connected pieces .

Absent from this batch of art is John Walker's U.S. Agent outfit, but, as Wyatt Russell has said , the super suit is an almost identical black outfit of the one shown here.

Marvel is on a hot streak with comic-accurate costumes lately. Sam Wilson's Captain America outfit has been praised for its similarity to its comic counterpart. Similarly, Wanda Maximoff finally appeared in the iconic Scarlet Witch suit in WandaVision . Iman Vellani's Ms. Marvel costume was also spotted on-set recently and looks to be very true to her design in the comics.

If this trend continues, phase four looks like it will usher in a new era of the comic-accurate costume.

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March 19, 2021
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