Marvel's Hawkeye: Street Performers Dressed as Iron Man, Hulk & More Avengers Shown in Set Photos

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Hawkeye on left with Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America on right

Hawkeye has been shooting in New York for nearly a week now, and so much has already been revealed through photo and video leaks from bystanders. Hailee Steinfeld was finally confirmed as Kate Bishop for the first time in this New York shoot, accompanied by the lovable Lucky the Pizza Dog . However, not much in the way of specific plot points have been leaked from these set photos.

More so than anything, fans have been exposed to some nice tidbits of world-building for the MCU and show, such as how the series is taking place around Christmas and showing Clint Barton still being close with his children . So, it's cool to see even more of the world inside the MCU and how the public preserves our heroes, especially in the superhero hub of New York.


A fan account for Hailee Steinfeld on Twitter has uploaded a dozen set photos showing Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld shooting in Time Square. The most interesting part of these photos is that street performers will be dressed as various Avengers, like Iron Man, Thor, and The Hulk.

Another group of photos shows a bit of Captain America's shield, indicating that one street performer will likely be dressed as Steve Rogers, and also Scott Lang's Ant-Man.

Finally, a time-lapse of footage was posted on Twitter, showing these performers interacting with other extras and taking photos with them. It goes by quickly, but there seems to be a woman with a bow and arrow who is posing alongside the other street performers with tourists for photos.

At first, it seemed like it could possibly have been Hailee Steinfeld in a Hawkeye costume, but it's actually just an extra, not even dressed as Hawkeye or any other Avenger who has appeared in the MCU thus far, but as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games franchise.


This looks like it'll be a nice bit of world-building to show the public's love for The Avengers, especially after Iron Man sacrificed himself defeating Thanos and his army.

The choice of costumes for various characters is interesting, as two of them wear Iron Man's last set of armor, Mark LXXXV, while one is dress in a far more classical Thor get-up he hasn't worn in years, even including the helmet Thor never wears. Despite Bruce Banner's newfound popularity as Hulk, the street performer playing him still has the character in his classic purple shorts.  Also, while only Rogers' shield can be seen in one set photo, it's a good guess that it's just someone dressed as Steve Rogers and not actually Sam Wilson's Captain America costume.

While the children in the diner scene in Avengers: Endgame were dismissive of Ant-Man, it's good to know that after Thanos' defeat, Scott finally is getting the recognition he deserves in the MCU's public eye for contributing to help save the trillions of lives snapped away in Infinity War . Regardless of smaller details, it'll be interesting if these street performers are just there to stand around in the background of shoots taking photos with tourists or if they'll end up directly interacting with the two archers.

The extra dressed as Katniss may be part of a gag involving the lack of a Hawkeye street performer, despite being an original Avenger and Ant-Man of all characters being there instead. Which would make a lot of sense since Hawkeye essentially retired for years on his farm and then taking up the identity of Ronin.

Regardless, it will be amazing to see this scene's full context in the show itself, which will reportedly release in 2021 .

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