Hailee Steinfeld Performs Plummeting Stunt in Marvel's Hawkeye Set Video & Photos

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, Hailee Steinfeld

Despite Hawkeye 's brief presence at Disney's Investor Day, Kevin Feige finally confirmed what everyone already knew Hailee Steinfeld is Kate Bishop . While its appearance was minor in the presentation, Hawkeye 's filming has been nonstop for almost two weeks now in New York. Being in such a public space, it was no surprise when bystanders could capture photos and footage of on set filming .

Thus far, all fans have been able to glimpse is odd extras on set, the two leads wearing formal clothes , antagonists with a moving truck , and photos of Hailee Steinfeld in what appears to be a prototype of her finalized purple suit , which was shown to fans through concept art by Andy Park. However, new photos and videos showcase the first stunt captured in public, which involves Steinfeld falling from several stories.


Hailee Steinfeld was seen filming a stunt that involved her falling from the roof of an apartment complex but being caught by Christmas lights before wiggling herself free and hitting a thin stunt mat below.

Looking closer at Steinfeld's head, she actually has a blood smear on her temple, which could have been the injury that caused her to fall off the roof.

One person was actually lucky enough to be in their apartment and directly in front of Steinfeld (or her stunt double) performing the same stunt. The video captures her suspended in the air by wires flailing her arms and legs wildly and then being dropped. This appears to be a continuation of this fall further down the building either for another angle or take.


It seems like Kate Bishop will be no worse for wear with this fall due to the festive Christmas lights catching her before hitting the cold concrete. Although, she does look mighty pissed upon her recovery. Either some mook pushed her off the roof, or it's possible that Clint did what he does best in the comics, by shoving her off this roof himself and knowing that the lights would catch her.

In Matt Fraction's Hawkeye , which this show is taking immense inspiration from, one of the book's running themes is Clint always trying to solve his own problems by himself, not considering that he has a support system and doesn't have to do everything alone. Some might speculate that the MCU's version of Clint could embody this thought process, possibly out of a sense of guilt from being Ronin and not wanting to drag others into his problems from what he's done. The series will likely explore just this considering that Echo, who took the persona of Ronin before Hawkeye in the comics, will debut in this series .

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