Marvel's Hawkeye: Set Photos Introduce MCU's New Villainous Mafia

By Richard Nebens Updated:
Jeremy Renner, Tracksuit Mafia, Kate Bishop

Marvel fans have been in their glory over the past few weeks, receiving teases for virtually every project that’s coming in the MCU’s Phase 4 . Despite a number of set photos being leaked from the productions of MCU shows, the studio is doing as great of a job as ever hiding series plot details while still giving fans just enough to chomp their teeth into before 2021 arrives.

Most prominently, the new Disney+ series Hawkeye has been all over news streams with the first looks at Kate Bishop and images of Clint Barton’s family joining him in this solo series. Alaqua Cox has also been seen practicing for her role as Echo , teasing a never-before-seen trio as she teams up with both world-class archers.

Most of the looks at this show have been centered on the core heroes, although a new one gives a sneak peek at a brand-new set of villains who will be introduced to the MCU in Hawkeye .


A new post from Lord_Fxk on Instagram reveals the first look at the MCU’s interpretation of the Tracksuit Mafia in the Disney+ series Hawkeye .

One of the images shared shows a cast member wearing a gold chain and wearing a tracksuit, though there's been no official word as to which actors are portraying members of the no-good gang:

Some of these photos can be seen in the Twitter post below:

Ten more set photos can be seen in the Instagram link below, including closeup looks at Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld among pictures of the Tracksuit Mafia actors:


In the comics, members of the NYC-based Tracksuit Mafia butt heads with Clint Barton when the Avenger wants to purchase a building that's owned by one of gang's members. The villain group has been rumored to be part of Hawkeye for nearly a year now, and those rumors have picked up more recently with the reveal that Fra Fee is playing the Clown . The Clown has teamed up with this group of villains numerous times in Hawkeye comic runs, and it will be interesting to find out their motivations behind going after Barton in this new adventure.

Hawkeye and Kate Bishop have mostly been seen on the run through New York City , but it’s still a mystery as to who they are running from right now. Clint will be dealing with this challenge and more, including losing his hearing and mentoring Kate Bishop, and fans can’t wait to see him face the villainous group head on.

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