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Hawkeye Disney+: Jeremy Renner Shares New Set Photo Teasing Domestic Scenes

Jeremy Renner Hawkeye Family
By Lauren Rouse

Two of Marvel's Disney+ series have now finished airing, but there's plenty more where that came from. Coming up next in the schedule is Tom Hiddleston's Loki TV show and after that fans will get Jeremy Renner's solo Hawkeye series.

Hawkeye is in the midst of production right now and plenty of interesting tidbits from the set have been revealed. It was announced, after much speculation, that Hailee Steinfeld would indeed be joining the show and another new face spotted on the set has been Alaqua Cox's Echo .

It looks like Hawkeye will also explore Clint Barton's time as his alter ego, Ronin, which he took up following the disappearance of his family thanks to the blip. The series is yet to get a premiere date but is aiming for a late 2021 release, and so far things look to be on track.


In his latest Instagram story , Jeremy Renner shared a behind the scenes picture of himself sitting down for an interview on set.

Renner shared another Instagram picture a few days ago which appeared to signal the end of filming on the Hawkeye series, so it's possible this interview is for upcoming marketing materials.

Jeremy Renner Hawkeye Interview


This image reveals a few potential possibilities about the Hawkeye series. For starters, this photo does appear to be taken on the Hawkeye set, which means this is probably a pivotal location within the series.

It's most likely Clint Barton's family home as it's already been revealed via set photos that the Barton family will be returning for the series. However, they were spotted in Midtown in New York which might signal a change of scenery for the Barton's. It's possible this is a look at their new home in Hawkeye, which would be quite a change from the homestead.

As for what footage Renner is shooting, it's quite possible these interviews will debut in the Marvel Studios Assembled series, which gives an in-depth behind the scenes look into Marvel's latest productions. WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki are all confirmed to have their own Assembled episodes , so it makes sense that Hawkeye will get one as well.