She-Hulk Producer Confirms Sneaky Hawkeye Easter Egg (Photo)

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Phase 4 of the MCU has offered more content and characters than ever before with multiple films and Disney+ shows per year. But if fans have a complaint, it's the lack of connectivity between them. Fortunately, Marvel Studios' Comic-Con announcements suggest that's all about to change, and it may just start with She-Hulk on Disney+ on August 17. 

Even though She-Hulk isn't a new reveal, the studio did release a brand-new trailer for the MCU's next Disney+ series, teasing the show's confirmed use of callbacks and cameos for characters both old and new. 

In addition to Mark Ruffalo's Professor Hulk and Tim Roth's Abomination, Doctor Strange 2's Wong, the legal comedy is also set to feature fellow lawyer Daredevil, while the showrunners themselves have teased "some really fun characters" and surprises.

Basically, She-Hulk has the potential to be the most interconnected MCU Disney+ series to date. And, as further evidence of what fans can expect, a producer for the series recently confirmed one of the show's Easter eggs which has connections to a different Disney+ series.

New She-Hulk Trailer Contains Hawkeye Easter Egg

Following the release of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law's latest trailer, a fan on Twitter pointed out an Easter egg from Hawkeye on Disney+

In the new footage, She-Hulk is shown being live-streamed on a cell phone while, in the comments, a user with the handle #TrkSuit22 is shown posting "she hulk is hot, bro." 

She-Hulk Hawkeye

Of course, this is a nod to Kingpin's Tracksuit Mafia and their affinity for the word "bro" and who were heavily featured in Hawkeye.

Tracksuit Mafia Hawkeye

She-Hulk head writer and producer Jessica Gao confirmed the Easter egg in a Tweet of her own and by giving credit to one of the series' animation artists, Olney Atwell, for its inclusion:

"I believe credit goes to the great Olney Atwell for this detail!"

Is a She-Hulk a Comedic Crossover Event?

While much of the conversation surrounding She-Hulk has centered on its lackluster CGI, the show's marketing is trying to have a different conversation.

Yes, She-Hulk is about Jennifer Walters dealing with going green, but her job as a superhero lawyer is an opportunity to crossover heroes and villains from all corners of the MCU, as well as bringing in characters audiences haven't seen except in comics.

And, even though She-Hulk is a comedy, the show's use of references, connections, and Easter eggs, like Hawkeye's Tracksuit Mafia bros, will only help connect and ground the MCU's current cast of characters and stories.

She-Hulk is set to debut on Disney+ on August 17.

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