Disney Just Revealed More of Steve & Peggy's MCU Reunion Post-Endgame

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The new, live-theater production of Rogers: The Musical revealed more of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter's Avengers: Endgame reunion. 

Inspired by Rogers: The Musical from Hawkeye on Disney+, Disney Parks and Marvel made the MCU's fictional Broadway show a reality at the Disneyland Resort next to Avengers Campus.

In addition to Hawkeye's "Save the City" number, this production tells Captain America's life story, along with another look at his long-awaited dance with Peggy.

Captain America and Peggy Carter's Reunion Revealed

Steve Rogers and Peggy, Rogers Musical

Back in 2019, Avengers: Endgame concluded with Steve Rogers traveling back in time to return to the Infinity Stones, only to return as an older version of himself who alludes to a life lived with Peggy

This scene is followed by the reveal of Steve, having traveled back to the past, and finally making his date with Peggy Carter. 

However, in Rogers: The Musical, audiences see this old version of Cap meeting himself in the aftermath of Endgame and where he's shown the Time Stone

Following a duet with himself appropriately titled "End of the Line," younger Cap is persuaded to use the Time Stone to go back to Peggy. 

As soon as he touches the stone, the theater goes dark and there's the sound of a ticking clock along with echoing quotes from Peggy, such as "maybe you just haven't found the right partner" and "welcome to your chance."

Then, the 1940s set materializes out of Time Stone-tinted green hue and reveals Peggy, beginning the musical number, "Just One Dance." 

After singing about how "Every Saturday at eight, I stand here and I wait," Steve appears, leading Peggy to say, "You're late."

To his, Steve responds, "Sorry. I lost track of time."

In reference to his use of the Time Stone, right after Peggy sings, "I can't believe how lives can change," Steve snaps his fingers - and the set visibly ripples - when he responds, "With just one snap they rearrange."

Peggy goes on to sing, "Let fate decide our place in time from here," before Steve reveals why he came back, singing:

"You know right from the start just what I was made of. Now one more day apart is all that I'm afraid of. So what's a guy a to do, but prove it to be true, by coming back to you."

The two finally have that long-awaited dance as a chorus of USO Starkettes and Avengers continue singing "Just One Dance," all before Steve happily tells her, "I could do this all day."

Is This Rogers: The Musical Moment MCU Canon?

For fans of the romance between Steve Rogers' Cap and Peggy Carter, Rogers: The Musical pulls back the curtain on the first moments of their time-traveling reunion. 

However, as with everything in the MCU, there's the question of canon. 

In Hawkeye, Rogers: The Musical was meant to be the public's cheesy interpretation of the events of 2012's The Avengers and an inaccurate one at that.  

If Disney's production of the musical is of the same spirit, Marvel audiences should treat Steve's happily ever after, and the means by which he achieved it, as entertainment only and a work of metafiction. 

Still, it's no secret to Marvel Studios that fans have been asking about Steve Rogers' whereabouts - and his time-traveling adventures - since Avengers: Endgame's credits began to roll.  

Also, the MCU has played into this fan intrigue with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier acknowledging theories about Cap being on the moon and more. 

It's also worth noting that Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige included, contributed and approved Disney's Rogers: The Musical

Perhaps what's playing out on stage at the Disneyland Resort is a preview of what awaits Captain America fans in the MCU's future. 

Or maybe it's Marvel Studios' way of finally satisfying the questions of what transpired leading up to Cap and Peggy's dance? 

For now, only time will tell truly tell; but in the meantime, Steve and Peggy's Rogers: The Musical reunion has given fans even more to speculate about.

Rogers: The Musical is being performed at Disney California Adventure's Hyperion Theater Tuesday through Saturday most weeks from June 30 to August 31, 2023. 

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