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WARNING: This article contains minor spoilers from Hawkeye's premiere.

Hawkeye featured the return of Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton while also bringing back memories of the major events from 2012's The Avengers

Set two years after the game-changing events in Avengers: Endgame, Hawkeye follows the story of Clint's latest trip to New York as he spends time with his kids during the Christmas season. The bow-wielding Avenger's family out was evidently cut short due to the arrival of Kate Bishop, who is played by Hailee Steinfeld. 

Before Kate first came into Clint's life, part of the titular hero's quality time with his kids was watching a play entitled Rogers: The Musical. The Broadway musical centers around the Avengers' first mission against Loki and the Chitauri that featured the original iteration of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, including Clint's Hawkeye. 

The play was developed by Hawkeye composers Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, with both musicians pointing out that the focus of the musical number is the idea of "[saving] the city." The musical pair also revealed that the play was crafted during the height of the pandemic.

Now, the show's first episode finally unveiled Rogers: The Musical in all of its musical glory. 

The Lyrics & Words Sung In Rogers: The Musical

Rogers The Musical

Marvel Studios

Hawkeye's premiere featured a tribute to 2012's Battle of New York by showcasing it as a Broadway play named Rogers: The Musical

The scene opens with the song's chorus, including lyrics centered around the people telling the Avengers to save the city: 

Save the city and help us win
Save us all from the state we're in
Things look dark 
But I know this can't be the end 

(No my friend, no this can't be the end because...)

There's a future and I know that  
With the strength you bring us we'll rise again
Avengers Unite! Cause we've got to hear you say 

Rogers: The Musical, Hawkeye

A callback to Captain America's iconic line MCU catchphrase was also referenced in the lyrics: 

Captain America: I could do this all day! 

Save the city and help us win
Save us all from the state we're in

"Save the City"'s lyrics then shifted into high gear when the original Avengers (plus Ant-Man) were mentioned, describing each member's contribution to the battle: 

The Hulk is incredible, smashing things up
While Iron Man takes to the sky
(Takes to the sky)
Captain America’s strong, and that Thor is a god
And lord knows they're easy on the eyes!
Black Widow’s a knockout who can knock you out
And when Ant-Man flies you won't hear a sound!
While Hawkeye seems cool, like a really nice guy
We just wish that New York wasn't the battleground!

Rogers: The Musical

Shaiman, one half of the song's composers, previously confirmed that " Tesseract" will be present in the lyrics, and it made a smooth introduction in the play. In addition, The Avengers' post-credits scene involving shawarma and the film's intense moment involving a nuke was also present: 

"I've got to get the Tesseract!"
"The battle's just begun"
"We'll conquer the Chitauri"
"Then get Shawarma when we're done"
"Just how are we to fight them?"
"We'll do it as a team!"
"First Thor, unleash your lightning"
"Then Natasha, that's your cue"
"Then Hawkeye, hit the bullseye"
"There's no better shot than you"
"Tony, you've got nukes to catch"
"Be careful not to crash"

Rogers: The Musical

Hulk's iconic "Smash" line also made it into the song, much to the delight of the crowd (everyone other than Clint): 

"And Hulk, you know the magic word is..."
"Hulk, you know the magic word is..."
"Hulk, you know the magic word is..."
"Smash! Smash! Smash!"

If the city is trashed when you take your bow

We'll blame you then, but you're good for now

Avengers unite, ‘cause we've got to hear you say (Got to hear you, got to hear you, got to hear you say)

"I could do this all day!"


Remembering the Avengers' Victory in New York 

Many would agree that the song is a crowd-pleasing tribute to the Avengers' victory over Loki during 2012's Battle of New York. The song exhibits an energetic vibe, which mirrors songs from the long list of plays from New York's Broadway shows. 

While the costumes are in the low-budget spectrum, they still managed to showcase a fresh look at the Avengers. It is unknown why Ant-Man was included in the lineup, but this could hint that the general public had an idea that Scott Lang came up with the Time Heist idea from Avengers: Endgame, which revisited The Avengers' climactic battle.

As a result, the play also paid tribute to Lang by including his character. 

Meanwhile, there are subtle hints in the lyrics that also criticize Earth's Mightiest Heroes. 

For example, the part where it says that the citizens would blame the Avengers "if the city is trashed," but they are "good for now," seemingly pointing toward the events of Captain America: Civil War. This shows the double-edged sword that is being a hero in the MCU. 

If the city is trashed when you take your bow

We'll blame you then, but you're good for now

Clint's face of apparent distraught is also present throughout the play, especially when Black Widow is mentioned. This is understandable, considering the heartbreaking events of Avengers: Endgame where Romanoff died by sacrificing herself for the Soul Stone. 

On top of that, the song also mocked Hawkeye in a way, with the lyrics only describing him as "cool" and a "really nice" guy. In comparison, the other Avengers, even Romanoff, were celebrated for their abilities in battle.

The first two episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+ while the full song is now available to stream on YouTube: 

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