Disneyland Announces Historic MCU Musical

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Peggy Carter, Hayley Atwell

Disney confirmed that a historical MCU musical is set to debut at the Disneyland Resort this summer. 

Currently, the Disney California Park at the Disneyland Resort is home to Avengers Campus, where characters from the latest Marvel films and Disney+ series are prone to appear.

But now, it seems that Disney is taking its Marvel Universe ties to a whole new level (incursion?) in bringing a Disney+ plot point into this universe.

Real-Life Rogers: The Musical Confirmed

A real-life production of Rogers: The Musical, inspired by the in-universe musical shown in Hawkeye on Disney+, is coming to Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort. 

Set to debut this summer at the park's Hyperion Stage, Marvel described this version of Rogers: the Musical as a short one-act version all about Steve Rogers' life. 

Disney also released a teaser to announce the show, which showed Peggy Carter looking down at a playbill for Rogers: The Musical

RogersTheMusical Peggy Carter

While Peggy Carter wasn't part of the "Save the City" number from Hawkeye, Christopher Lennertz, who's confirmed to be composing this real-world musical, also composed the Agent Carter television series

The video then shows Peggy heading toward the theater whose marquee reads "coming soon."

RogersTheMusical Peggy Carter

The full teaser can be seen below:

It's worth noting that the theme park's Hyperion Theater sits next to the entrance of Avengers Campus, making it the perfect fit both visually and thematically. 

Also, Rogers: The Musical has been described as a limited-time offering, but no opening date has been revealed yet.

Disneyland's Plan for the Star-Spangled Man

This news isn't a surprise as Disney previously posted a revealing casting call, leading many to suspect that a real-world Rogers: The Musical is exactly what the parks and Marvel had in mind. 

What is surprising is that the show will be a one-act version with a telling focus on Hayley Atwell's Agent Peggy Carter.

This makes sense since Hawkeye's "Save the City" number was reportedly the show's Act 1 closer, suggesting that the show will center on Cap's origin story leading up to 2012's The Avengers.

In addition, this is far from the only new offering Disney and Marvel have in the works for Disneyland's Avengers Campus. 

At the 2022 D23 Expo, Disney announced an MCU Multiversal ride is being developed featuring King Thanos

While no other details have been revealed about that attraction yet, Rogers: The Musical is evidence of Disney and Marvel's interest in expanding Avengers Campus and providing fans with new ways to enjoy the MCU. 

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