Eternals: Why Kumail Nanjiani Feels 'Super Weird' About Avengers Campus' New Heroes

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After being delayed a full year from its original release date, Marvel Studios officially delivered Eternals to theaters. With a roster full of A-list cast members and numerous exciting teases pointing to how the MCU's cosmic division will expand in the future, this movie is hoping to make the same impact on the franchise as its widely-successful predecessors.

With Eternals introducing the biggest new cast of characters possibly in MCU history, Marvel has put in the hard work to make sure fans know exactly who the stars are playing and how they will make their mark. From teasing the team dynamics in merchandise listings to showing how the film ties back to the Infinity Saga, the studio is putting in the effort to give all the information needed for this new experience.

Additionally, with Eternals now out in theaters, more doors open for fan experiences based on the heroes that have called Earth home for 7,000 years. This even includes new embodiments of the characters at a major amusement park, an event that sparked quite a fun reaction from one of the MCU's newest superstars.

Kumail Nanjiani Jealous of New Kingo?


Following the release of Marvel Studios' Eternals, via Marvel's official website, Avengers Campus at Disney's California Adventure debuted character actors portraying Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos from the film.

Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani hilariously shared his thoughts on the actor playing his character Kingo in the park, lamenting at how much better looking his double is than himself in a Twitter post:

"Uhhhh ok this feels super weird. Pretty sure my theme park double shouldn’t be more handsome than me. #Eternals is in theaters RIGHT NOW. Please go see it before they replace me with this guy in the movie."

Kingo Vs. Kingo: A Battle of MCU Handsomeness

Kumail Nanjiani started his career as a well-known stand-up comedian before making his way into Hollywood blockbuster movies like Eternals. With this new addition to California Adventure, he had the opportunity to revisit those roots with a hilarious remark while also jokingly fearing for his MCU tenure due to the park double's good looks.

Avengers Campus has lived up to its billing over the past few months, taking every opportunity to add new characters and attractions to the experience with each release that's joined the MCU story. The heroes from Eternals were teased for inclusion as early as July 2021, and now that the movie is officially out in the world, the park can dive fully into the team's MCU lore.

As more fans see the movie this weekend and after, California Aventure may unveil more currently undisclosed plans for Eternals material to add to the Marvel experience in Southern California. For now, though, fans will have the chance to interact with new characters like Kingo and more, unbelievably handsome versions of them, at that.

Eternals is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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