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Hayley Elizabeth Atwell
April 5, 1982
Agent Peggy Carter/Captain Carter
Notable Projects:
Captain America: The First Avenger
Agent Carter
What If...?
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
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Turns out fans had the right idea when it came to Reed Richards' Doctor Strange 2 cameo.

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Hayley Atwell Shares Frustrations Over Doctor Strange 2 Role

The MCU's Peggy Carter actress just expressed a desire to play the character more in live action.

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Disney announced a real-life MCU musical is coming to the Disneyland Resort.

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First Look at Hayley Atwell's Season 2 Captain Carter Design for What If

New merch reveals an updated design for Captain Carter, likely for What If's second season

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11 MCU Actors Cast In Season 2 of Marvel’s What If

Marvel Studios confirmed 11 actors that will play voiceover roles in Season 2 of What If...?.

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Hayley Atwell Admits Doctor Strange 2 Didn't Fit Her Vision for Peggy

Peggy Carter actor Hayley Atwell opened up about how her appearance in the Doctor Strange sequel didn't align with her view of the character.

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Marvel Star Hayley Atwell Is Very Excited For Superpowered Peggy Carter Cosplayers

Peggy Carter's Hayley Atwell shares her hopes for how fans will respond to her character becoming Captain Carter in Marvel's What If...? for Disney+.

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MCU Producer Explains Why Hayley Atwell's Carter Will Return In Future Seasons of What If...?

Marvel producer Brad Winderbaum teased Captain Carter's continuation into Season 2 of What If...? and beyond.

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Hayley Atwell Teases Her Future as Captain Carter After Doctor Strange 2

Hayley Atwell has teased her potential future as Captain Carter following her role in Doctor Strange 2.

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Doctor Strange 2 Theory Explains How Hayley Atwell Returns After Wild What If Finale

A look at how Hayley Atwell's Captain Carter from What If...? could appear in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

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Marvel Reveals First Clip From What If Featuring Sebastian Stan's Bucky & Hayley Atwell's Peggy

Marvel Studios released the first clip from What If...?, showing the debut of Steve Rogers' HYDRA stomper saving both Peggy and Bucky.

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Chris Evans Reacts to Hayley Atwell’s Return In Doctor Strange 2

Chris Evans has commented on Hayley Atwell's return as Captain Carter.

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MCU Writer on Hayley Atwell's Live-Action Return & Captain Carter's Cultural Importance (Exclusive)

A.C. Bradley, head writer of Marvel Studios' What If...?, spoke on both Captain Carter's rumored return in next year's Doctor Strange sequel and the significance behind the animated character's story.

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First Footage of Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter in Doctor Strange 2 Released

Fans have gotten their first look at Hayley Atwells Captain Carter in Multiverse of Madness.

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Doctor Strange 2 Easter Egg Teases Hayley Atwell Appearance

After the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' new poster, it seems that Captain Carter may be joining the MCU epic.

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Agent Carter's Hayley Atwell Shares Heartfelt Message About Marvel & MCU Representation

Marvel's Hayley Atwell shared a What If...? poster of Peggy Carter as Captain Britain on Instagram and shared her thoughts on her character's role raising the standard for female representation.

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Disney+ Removes Hayley Atwell's Agent Carter Short Film

The previously posted Agent Carter Marvel One Shot section on Disney+ is now nowhere to be found on the streaming service.

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Disney+ Celebrates Agent Carter One-Shot With Special Section for Hayley Atwell Short Film

Marvel Studios gave the Agent Carter One-Shot from Iron Man 3 its own page on Disney+.

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Marvel Replaces Anthony Mackie's Cap With Hayley Atwell's Carter on Captain America Twitter Page

Hayley Atwell's Captain Carter replaced Anthony Mackie's Star-Spangled Avenger on the Captain America Twitter page during the premiere week of What If...?.

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Marvel Studios Neglects Agent Carter With Release of Hayley Atwell's Legends Episode

Disney released a brand-new episode of Legends for Agent Carter that ignores Agent Carter's former solo television series.

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Doctor Strange 2 Rumored To Feature Hayley Atwell as Captain Carter

The Disinsider Show revealed a rumor that Captain Carter will return for a small role in Doctor Strange 2.

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Marvel Reveals Details For Hayley Atwell's Episode of Disney+'s What If...?

Following the private showcase of a new clip, a scene description surfaced from the premiere episode of the upcoming What If...? series that will see Peggy Carter become Captain Britain.

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Marvel Rumor Reveals How Hayley Atwell's Peggy Becomes Captain Carter In Disney+'s What If...?

Rumors from the Illuminerdi gave details on how Hayley Atwell's Peggy Carter and Chris Evans' Steve Rogers will appear in What If...? on Disney+

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Avengers: Age of Ultron: New Shot of Chris Evans & Hayley Atwell Revealed In Throwback Photo

Photographer Jay Maidment shared behind-the-scenes images of Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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