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Child Sylvie Loki

It's been discussed by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to become more diverse. This is the case not only with race, shown by introducing new heroes like Ms. Marvel and Shang-Chi, but also with sexual and gender representation too.

In the latest episode of Loki, "Lamentis," it was finally confirmed in dialogue, and not through easter eggs or vague implications, that Tom Hiddleston's Loki is bisexual. However, another part of Loki's identity that hasn't been directly addressed yet is his gender fluidity, hidden in a promotional video for the show.

Comments from Tom Hiddleston and series writer Michael Waldron indicate that this facet of Loki will be explored in the series. A new featurette may actually point to this being addressed as soon as the next episode, as fans finally see how and when Sylvie was brought into the TVA.


A new featurette for Loki has released that focuses exclusively on Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie, which includes multiple new scenes from upcoming episodes.

Sylvie Child Loki
Marvel Studios

One of the most interesting and enlightening new scenes shown is a Minuteman escorting Sylvie, as a child, into the TVA. One stark difference between this child and her adult counterpart is the lack of blonde hair, sporting darker hair similar to Tom Hiddleston's Loki.

Sylvie Wet Hair Loki
Marvel Studios

Sylvie and Loki are shown here back to back, presumably preparing for a fight, but it's interesting to note that Sophia Di Martino's hair is wet.

Sylvie Loki Water Temple

At a glance, this scene seems to be taking place in some alien temple, but looking closer at the background, Loki and Sylvie seemed to have exited an elevator belonging to the TVA. Something that can be seen more closely in other trailers.

To the left and right, the TVA's glowing hourglass insignia can be seen. Additionally, it seems that two Minutemen have already been taken out by the two runaway Variants.

Sylvie Loki Wet Temple
Marvel Studios

It's hard to discern who Sylvie is fighting in this shot, but it appears to be Gugu Mbatha-Raw's Renslayer due to her skin color, lack of TVA body armor, and yellow undershirt that can be glimpsed just under her sleeves.

TVA Sylvie Captured Minutemen
Marvel Studios

As Di Martino's hair is still wet in this shot, it can be assumed that Sylvie's fight with Renslayer in the temple ended in her capture with a Time Twister around her neck, seen in the first episode.

TVA Sylvie Time Theater
Marvel Studios

The last new shot is Sylvie seated in the Time Theater at the TVA, last seen in the first episode, as indicated by the red, gray, and orange wall pattern and the unique chair Sylvie is sitting on. Obviously, someone is showing Sylvie her past for whatever reason, but it can't be sure that Owen Wilson's Mobius is the one doing the interrogation this time.


A lot is seen in these snippets of new footage, but the most interesting is the confirmation of when Sylvie became a Variant. It makes sense since she admitted that she has been on the run from the TVA her "entire life" and why she had to teach herself magic, not to mention barely remembering her mother, who is still presumably Frigga in her timeline.

As for what caused her to be labeled a Variant, the most obvious is that Sylvie, at that age, decided to identify as a girl instead of a boy, thus causing her timeline to deviate away from the Sacred Timeline. Keep in mind that when a timeline branches from the Scared Timeline, it grows in real-time and the TVA has to snip it before it crosses the red line.

This means that Sylvie couldn't have been born a girl, as she would have been apprehended by the TVA as a baby, not a child. It has also been confirmed by Miss Minutes that people can become Variants no matter how small their decisions.

It would certainly be nice to see Loki explore the character's gender fluidity in the show, just like their bisexuality.

The full featurette can be viewed below:


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