Spoiler Review - Is Loki Episode 3 Slower For the Better?

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Warning - This article contains spoilers for Episode 3 of Loki, titled "Lamentis"

Marvel Studios has certainly taken fans on a wild ride with Tom Hiddleston's solo Loki series on Disney+ through its first two episodes, setting the stage for one of the craziest MCU stories to date.

At the conclusion of Episode 2, the God of Mischief had escaped through a TVA-style portal to an unknown destination after Sophia Di Martino's mysterious Loki-like character sent the multiverse seemingly into madness. Reset charges looked to be spread through multiple places in space and time as the bureaucratic organization let Loki escape from 2050 Haven Hills, Alabama.

As the series reaches its halfway point, there is plenty more mischief and chaos to tackle with the Asgardian Variant leading the way.


Loki Sylvie
Marvel Studios

Laying things out plainly, this episode undoubtedly slowed things down after seeing the direct tie-in to Avengers: Endgame in Episode 1 and the new detective Loki alongside Owen Wilson's Mobius in Episode 2. In fact, the only cast members to receive significant screen time in this episode were Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino, setting up a partnership (rivalry?) unlike any the MCU has ever seen.

Mobius and B-15 were nowhere to be found, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw's Judge Renslayer only saw 30 seconds herself, hopefully meaning fans are in for some more in-depth TVA madness one week from now. What viewers did get in the meantime was over half an hour of mental battles featuring Hiddleston and Di Martino's wit, sass, and sarcasm at every turn.

In terms of Di Martino, whether she's a hero or a villain or both, she seems to have quite the formidable powerset from her interaction with C-20. The episode showcased what actually happened when the TVA agent was taken in Episode 2, although it's still unclear what exactly Sylvie wants to do with the TVA.

It's clear that they somehow did wrong by her in her own life and timeline, setting the Variant on a warpath of epic proportions. While it's obvious that she wants to make them pay for some kind of mistake, it will be interesting to find out what exactly that mistake is along with what Sylvie plans to do with the bureaucratic agency in charge of the Sacred Timeline.

The story's prime Loki proved himself to be quite the detective with his apocalypse reveal as Sylvie took the duo to what was described as the worst apocalypse imaginable. The majority of the episode was spent on the Kree planet Lamentis-1 in the year 2077, which could have any number of ties to other Kree-related MCU plot points through other franchises.

Loki and Sylvie had the chance to showcase every bit of mischief in their arsenal both toward each other and toward those they needed to get through on Lamentis. From shape-shifting and enchanting their way onto the train to fighting their way out of trouble, the two are a force to be reckoned with.

The episode also gives a great deal of depth to Loki as a character from his takes on love to his memories of his upbringing on Asgard, giving yet another new level of intrigue to the long-standing anti-hero. With Tom Hiddleston singing in Asgadian and charming his way into another crazy situation aboard the train, he continues to prove his resourcefulness through new kinds of adversity.

The core goal for Loki and Sylvie is fairly interesting as they try to recharge the TemPad, get back to the timeline that they need, and finish what Sylvie started, potentially with Loki in tow. In the end, it shouldn't come as a shock that this all goes to hell when Loki breaks said TemPad, leaving the two stranded on a planet doomed for destruction.

While Episode 3 may have lacked somewhat in story progression, it did bring one of the show's biggest reveals yet with regard to the nefariousness of the Time Variance Authority.

Not only does Sylvie explain that they destroyed her life as she knew it, but she also revealed to Loki that every member of the organization is some kind of Variant plucked from various timelines. Whether this has to do with the Infinity Stones or some larger narrative is still up in the air, but it's becoming evident that some explaining will be necessary on why they do what they do and how they do it.

In the end, the two now appear to be stuck on this doomed planet after their last hope for escape was destroyed, and it's difficult to predict what's coming next with no working TemPad and no available escape vessel. Whatever the case may be, Loki will surely find his way out of trouble once again, and it will be exciting to find out where this wild journey takes him and Sylvie over the next three weeks.

Audiences are halfway through this story, and there is no telling what the God of Mischief is in for as he travels through the vast mysteries of time and space.


Loki Sylvie episode 3
Marvel Studios

While last week showcased a new classic MCU duo with Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson vibing from the jump, this week showed Hiddleston's versatility alongside Sophia Di Martino in her first full episode. The two carried this entry as the characters with the most screen time of anybody by far, and they worked beautifully off of each other in every given scenario.

The banter was expectedly hilarious considering neither of them wanted anything to do with one another, seemingly both in the way of the other's endgame as they jumped from portal to portal. However, coming in as similar beings helped them bond in a strange way over their troubled childhoods and penchants for mischief, which will be interesting to see develop over the coming weeks.

Hiddleston in particular showed off his impeccable acting chops once again this week as he embodied multiple personalities on Lamentis both with and without Sylvie present. The way he switched demeanors from menacing to vulnerable seemingly on a dime is pure talent and dedication, which is exactly what fans were hoping to see in the veteran's first MCU solo project.

As for Sophia Di Martino, her snarkiness and wit fit seamlessly into the fabric of everything established in the MCU, perfectly executing the dynamic between Sylvie and her new frenemy. It's remarkable to see how flawlessly she developed chemistry with Tom Hiddleston in their first true appearance together, and fans can only hope for more of it going forward.

Even though the story may not have progressed as much as expected, Hiddleston and Di Martino did their best to give fans an intriguing look into the new mischievous pairing in the galaxy. Whatever Sylvie's plans turn out to be, there are no doubts that the God of Mischief will be right there to match the chaos with every step.


 Lamentis Loki
Marvel Studios

As has been the case throughout 2021, Marvel Studios put forth an excellent product in every aspect of production for Loki Episode 3.

With the episode mostly featuring an entirely new planet, the set looked astounding with its futuristic architecture imbued with a hint of purple all around. The landscape was incredibly alien even for being filmed in a real-world location, and the special effects team brought a massive city to life seemingly with ease.

The effects and editing matched this quality as Marvel showcased Loki's magical abilities as much in this episode as any of his MCU outings to date. The fireworks coming out of his hands, the energy blasts, and the knife work all played well when needed, and Loki appeared to be pulling it off without even breaking a sweat (if Asgardians or Frost Giants actually do sweat, that is).

Specifically, the production team deserves major props for ending the episode with the incredible one-shot in the Lamentis metropolis as it fell to shambles around Loki and Sylvie. These shots are never easy to pull together, especially on this scale, and it was undoubtedly a highlight of the entry as it came to a rousing close.

Natalie Holt also deserves a great deal of credit as this show's composer, bringing a strange and mystical score with every intense moment featured in Loki. The instrumentation is somewhat indiscernible, and the themes are ridiculous and wacky, all fitting perfectly into the feel of this multiversal descent into insanity.

All in all, Marvel Studios has the production on these Disney+ series on lock, and it will be so exciting to see how it gets even better for future episodes and installments.


 Sylvie Loki
Marvel Studios

Episode 3 of Loki is pretty solidly the weakest of the trio thus far, which saying something considering it was still a great entry.

Loki and Sylvie are set to be a unique pairing through the series' second half, especially as more details come pertaining to which side of the fight Sylvie finds herself on. With the two now stranded in the late 21st century on a planet completely foreign to both of them, the two will need to muster their best efforts to survive, flourish, and find their way into more favorable conditions.

Additionally, the seemingly all-powerful Time Variance Authority is going to have some serious repercussions once they return in Episode 4.

It's one thing for them to be a bureaucratic organization that appears to be too powerful for their own good. It's another thing entirely knowing that they've lied about nearly everything to Loki so far, especially considering they're trying to do to him what seems to have been done to hundreds of other innocent people throughout the Sacred Timeline.

Loki continues to impress three weeks in, even for an episode that largely focused on character development. Now, the stage is set for some epic showdowns as the fan-favorite God of Mischief works through his next moves and formulates a plan on what to do with his future.

Episode 3 of Loki is now available to stream on Disney+.

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