Aquaman 2 Director Shares New Set Photo To Celebrate Filming Start

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Last year, fans knew practically nothing about the Aquaman sequel that is once again being helmed by director James Wan. The most fans did know was that the sequel would have horror elements in it, similar to the Trench sequence in Aquaman.

At DC FanDome, it was confirmed that Patrick Wilson would return as Ocean Master and that the sequel would be "...a little bit more serious. A little bit more relevant to the world that we're living in today." 

Wan also guaranteed fans that "new worlds" would be introduced, which is obviously related to the new title for the sequel: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Fans may have found out exactly which "lost kingdom" this sequel will explore sooner than expected, as James Wan announced production with an on-set photo.


Director James Wan confirmed on Instagram that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has officially begun shooting, captioning the post "Day One."

Aquaman 2 James Wan Ice

The photo also confirms the working title for the film as "Necrus" and that the first day of shooting is taking place in what appears to be a glacier or ice cave.


It was originally reported in March that the working title for the Aquaman sequel would be Necrus, which Wan's photo now confirms, but what does it mean?

In the comics, Necrus is, like Atlantis, another underwater kingdom, but it only exists on the material plane for brief periods of time. This could explain it being the "lost" kingdom.

Also known as "The Black City," it is ruled by a tyrant, Mongo, who runs a militaristic society in Necrus with a hatred for the surface world. At one point, Necrus even declared war on Atlantis for continuing to accept surface dwellers. Perhaps Pilou Asbaek will be playing Mongo with Wilson's Ocean Master defecting to his kingdom as they declare war on Atlantis.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is currently scheduled to release in theaters on December 16, 2022.

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