Aquaman 2 Director Confirms Patrick Wilson's Oceanmaster Will Have Role In Sequel

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Patrick Wilson as Orm and Jason Momoa as Aquaman

The upcoming Aquaman 2 is still a while away but Aquaman director James Wan and star Jason Momoa are confirmed to return and are deep in preparations for the new movie.

During the Aquaman panel at DC FanDome , James Wan and star Patrick Wilson, who plays the villain Orm, reflected on their favorite moments from filming the first movie. While work on the second movie has been pushed back thanks to coronavirus, the director and star shared some behind the scenes stories and their excitement about the sequel.


During the DC FanDome panel, James Wan and Patrick Wilson discussed the upcoming Aquaman 2 , which is set to release in 2022. Wilson confirmed that he would be coming back as Oceanmaster/Orm for the sequel.


The bond between Aquaman and his brother Orm was at the core of the first Aquaman film. Similar to how the brothers relationship between Thor and Loki is integral to the Thor films, it seems the sibling relationship in Aquaman will continue to be a focus in the sequel.

Audiences last saw Arthur spare his brother's life after defeating him in battle, leaving Orm to be kept in prison. It's possible that Orm could have a redemption arc in the sequel as he seemed to accept his mistakes at the end of the first Aquaman . The sequel is said to have some more elements of horror , akin to the Trench sequence in the first movie, and Black Manta is also set to return as the villain.

Whether Orm will team up with Black Manta against his brother again or choose to stand with him will likely be revealed as development for Aquaman 2 continues in the coming months.

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