Aquaman 2 Star Teases How the Sequel Will Be Better Than Original Movie

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The DC Extended Universe is beginning to expand on its slate of movies, which currently holds nine films with the tenth coming this summer in The Suicide Squad. While the first group of movies included only one sequel in 2020's Wonder Woman 1984, the next two years will help that number rise exponentially with follow-up movies for the franchise's biggest heroes.

One of those sequels is the highly-anticipated Aquaman 2, whose predecessor in Aquaman still reins as the highest-grossing DCEU movie at over $1.1 billion globally. Nearly the entire core cast from the original film is set to return under the direction of James Wan, who has embraced DC's underwater world even more fully after the cancellation of The Trench.

Wan's preparation for the sequel has both the cast and fans equally excited, especially considering the most recent update from the original movie's main antagonist.


Aquaman Patrick Wilson

DCEU star Patrick Wilson spoke with Entertainment Tonight about his upcoming work on Aquaman 2, as well as the work being put in by director James Wan.

Wilson expressed his excitement for Wan returning to the second movie, saying that "when he comes back for a sequel," he makes it "bigger and better and broader" by giving every aspect of the film more substance:

"With James, when he comes back for a sequel, it becomes bigger and better and broader and more funny, more action, more character work. It's super fun."

Wilson also gave an update on when production will start, revealing that he's in his "eighth week (of) training" and that he will begin shooting in "a couple of months," one month after the movie itself begins filming. 


After bringing Arthur Curry's half-brother King Orm to life in 2018's Aquaman, it's clear that Wilson is itching to get back to work with director James Wan and his cast mates on their second round. His quotes about Wan are particularly exciting with fans building hype for a movie that will take everything delivered in Aquaman to new levels of insanity.

The movie won't debut in theaters for almost another 18 months, continuing Warner Bros.' trend of having somewhat longer-than-expected production schedules. The same thing is happening with two other films currently shooting with The Flash (releasing in November 2022) and Shazam!: Fury of the Gods (releasing in June 2023).

Considering how many special effects shots are needed for the massive underwater sequences, it makes sense that filming is set to begin so soon. Wilson looks ready to team up with co-stars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard for the next chapter in Aquaman's story, which should be an even bigger blockbuster hit than their original film from over two years ago.

Aquaman 2 is set to debut in theaters on December 16, 2022.

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