Marvel's Hawkeye: Jeremy Renner Teases Car Chase Scene With New Set Photos

By Pierre Chanliau Posted:
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Kate Bishop in car concept art

At the beginning of December, when filming for Hawkeye first began, one bystander was able to snap a photo of a muscle car seen on set . This was immediately noticeable to Matt Fraction's Hawkeye fans , who identified it as the car Clint Barton procures shortly after having ruined it in an intense car chase.

Considering the immense amount of influence that Matt Fraction's run will have on this show, it would be a shame for them to not include one of the stand-out action scenes in the comic.

Well, Jeremy Renner has confirmed with two new photos that Hawkeye will intend to include at least one car chase, which may be closer to the comic than expected.


Jeremy Renner posted two photos on his Instagram Story, heavily suggesting that Hawkeye will indeed be adapting the fan-favorite car chase from Matt Fraction's Hawkeye run.

The first photo shows several toy cars with labels on most of them, such as “David” and “Austin,” likely indicating the stunt person responsible for operating each vehicle. Renner included a caption with the photo reading, “Serious business car chase!”

Hawkeye Car Chase Toys
Jeremy Renner via Instagram

The second shows both Renner and Hailee Steinfeld inside a specialized vehicle of what appears to be the same car model seen in December, with Renner commenting on “Another wonderful day with Hailee Steinfeld at work!!”

Hawkeye Car Stunt Camera Chase
Jeremy Renner via Instagram

The exposure is too intense outside the vehicle, but it appears that there is some sort of truss structure visible on the top left, indicating that they could be filming part of this car chase on a bridge.


If the two actors are indeed on a bridge in that second photo, it seems like Hawkeye will be adapting this car chase pretty closely to the comics, which starts in the streets and finished on a bridge.

In Matt Fraction's Hawkeye , the hook of this car chase is that as Steinfeld's Kate Bishop is left to drive, she passes arrows of various applications to Barton. However, this sometimes doesn't work toward the best outcome with Hawkeye firing a useless sonic arrow or improvising with a cable arrow.

Arrows Hawkeye Kate Bishop
Matt Fraction's Hawkeye — Issue #3

However, before all of this, Bishop actually mocks Barton for all his seemingly useless trick-arrows. Barton takes offense when she insults them, pointing out the boomerang arrow specifically, which Bishop also mocks. At the end of the car chase on the bridge, in one of the stand-out moments of the entire comic run, Bishop is begrudgingly forced to use the boomerang arrow to save Clint's life.

It would be immensely satisfying as a fan to see such an action sequence adapted into live-action, especially if production plans on sticking so close to the comic.

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