Marvel Reveals Best Look Yet at Daredevil-Connected Echo In New Hawkeye Disney+ Trailer

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The inclusion of Maya Lopez a.k.a Echo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe began as a rumor more than a year ago. It quickly became apparent the deaf superhero, who originated in a 1999 issue of Daredevil, would make her MCU debut in the streaming series Hawkeye.

Not only was Echo confirmed to appear in Hawkeye, played by Alaqua Cox, but that she would star in her own series on Disney+. At first, fans only saw Cox in costume from grainy photos from the on-set shooting of the show, but the recent trailer gave fans a much better look at the vigilante.

However, a new TV spot for the series showed fans a good look at Echo, which has now been released in HD.

Echo On The Prowl

Alaqua Cox as Echo can briefly be seen in the latest TV spot for Hawkeye alongside Fra Fee as Kazimierz Kazimierczak a.k.a The Clown.

Echo Hawkeye Fra Fee Alaqua Cox
Marvel Studios

She can be seen wearing a black leather jacket with a symbol of what appears to be a representation of the sun embroidered on the left side of it. Considering that Kazi isn't wearing his clown makeup, these two might be incognito as they hunt Barton.

Alaqua Cox Hawkeye Echo Jacket
Marvel Studios

The full Hawkeye promotional spot can be watched below:


Maya Seeking Revenge Against Hawkeye Instead of Daredevil?

Considering that Cox's Echo is standing alongside Fra Fee's Kazi, it seems like she will be an enemy of Clint Barton, at least at first. In the comics, Kazi was hired by the Tracksuit Mafia to kill Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye for getting in their way. So, if Echo is working with Kazi, that spells bad news for Barton and possibly Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop.

In the comics, Echo was raised by Wilson Fisk, Daredevil's archenemy, who led her to believe that the Man Without Fear had killed her father. Naturally, Echo sought revenge against the blind superhero, but she went on her own path when the truth was revealed to her.

Her backstory will likely be altered so that it is Hawkeye who she believes killed her father. However, considering the considerable murder-spree Clint went on that even made Rhodey squeamish in Avengers: Endgame, so Echo's father may have actually been one of Barton's many victims.

It doesn't help that Bishop was caught by Barton wearing a variation of his old Ronin costume, which would possibly make her an additional target of Echo's revenge by association.

Fans will find out for sure what motivates Echo when they see Hawkeye on Disney+ on November 24, 2021.

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