Hawkeye: Hailee Steinfeld Namedrops the Avengers In New Disney+ Teaser

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While Marvel Studios is certainly enjoying a return to the theatrical spotlight with the Hollywood premiere of Eternals, the MCU is also looking to close the year out with a bang on the Disney+ side of things. After nearly two months without live-action episode releases, Thanksgiving 2021 will bring the debut for Jeremy Renner's first Marvel solo project in Hawkeye.

The series will focus on a Clint Barton that's seemingly left his Avengers days in the past for the time being, although he will find himself serving as a semi-mentor to Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop along the way. This will unfortunately force him to be away from his family once again, although the show's six episodes will give the hero his biggest spotlight to date after a decade-long story.

Over most of the past month, Marvel has pushed ahead with Hawkeye's promotional campaign, giving fans the first looks at Kate Bishop alongside exciting action shots of her and Clint in full hero form. Now, a new piece of the promo tour is delivering even more new footage that teases the series' joyful setting.

Happy Holidays From Marvel Studios' Hawkeye

Twitter user @creamorscream shared footage of a new TV spot for Marvel Studios' Hawkeye with never-before-seen footage from the Disney+ series.

Kate Bishop shows her spunky side in the trailer as she tells an older gentleman a secret that she's "working with an Avenger":

Hawkeye TV Spot 1

Alaqua Cox gets the spotlight as Echo, being featured in a quick shot alongside Fra Fee's Clown:

Hawkeye TV Spot 2

Hailee Steinfeld's hero finds herself in a difficult situation against more than a handful of bad guys with guns. It certainly looks to be a tough moment, with her mentor tied up behind her:

Hawkeye Disney+ TV Spot 3

The show will make Clint Barton's age and experience a clear factor, as this trailer gives a shot of the hero covered in ice packs:

Hawkeye Disney+ TV Spot 4

Clint Barton takes another phone call with his family in this trailer, once again showing how that dynamic will weigh on him during this new mission:

Hawkeye Disney+ TV Spot 5

Kate Bishop joins in on the holiday spirit as she remarks about saving the season while donning a Santa hat:

Hawkeye Disney+e Disney+ TV Spot 6

Marvel fans have another new character to celebrate with Lucky the Pizza Dog, who will undoubtedly be the most adorable and important member of the Hawkeye series:

Hawkeye Disney+ TV Spot 7

The full promotional spot can be watched below:


Bishop and Barton Take On Christmas

Hawkeye will mark the MCU's second Christmas-centric project after 2013's Iron Man 3, although this trailer teases more than just the holiday spirit coming to Disney+.

The new footage largely focuses on Kate Bishop showcasing her signature snark, as she brags about teaming up with an Avenger while also showing more of her skills as an archer. This all comes alongside looks at a fancied-up Clint Barton running through a crowd while other shots tease him in a state of pure annoyance after being captured by undisclosed bad guys.

Fans also get a great look at Alaqua Cox's Echo, who is being set up for a major role in the MCU's future for Phase 4 and beyond. While it's only for a second and doesn't show her acting as a superhero yet, it seems clear that Barton and Bishop will have to rely on her at some point during their own mission.

With this series now just over a month away from its Disney+ premiere, Marvel Studios will surely look to increase the efforts on promo material for its final series outing of the year. This project may be largely teasing the Christmas vibe, but the MCU's Disney+ series are proving to have far more than one defining trait.

Hawkeye will debut on Disney+ on November 24, 2021.

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