Hawkeye: 19 Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Hints From New Disney+ Trailer

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Hawkeye Trailer Breakdown

It's the most marvelous time of the year. 

The final MCU show of 2021 is Hawkeye, and the teaser is finally here. Clint Barton is the last member of the original six Avengers to receive a solo project, and it is in the form of a streaming series on Disney+.

After a surprise tease from leading stars Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld just 12 hours before, the debut trailer gave fans the first look at the upcoming show, an update on what is going on with Clint Barton, and the debut of the highly anticipated Kate Bishop in the MCU. 

After WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki, Disney+ has proved to be a space where veteran MCU characters are given room to run and climb to the top of the roster. Clint Barton has been active in the MCU since day four with Thor and is now given an opportunity to make a name for himself outside the Avengers cast. 

Another staple of the MCU's Phase 4 has been Marvel Studios' ability to balance, allowing their established characters to shine, while also bringing new faces to the team. Kate Bishop is on track to join the likes of John Walker, Yelena Belova, and Sylvie as MCU rookies to make an impact in 2021. 

This teaser showed that Marvel Studios is staying on that track while providing yet another fresh tone and vibe to the MCU catalog. To dive deeper, here are 17 Easter Eggs and details of importance from the very first Hawkeye trailer. 

It's Like Christmas With A Little More Hawkeye

Christmas In New York
Marvel Studios

There is something about Christmas in New York that makes a movie or TV show an instant comfort watch for fans. The entire trailer is supported by Andy Williams' "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year." Giving this trailer and this show the instant late-year tone that is a staple in cinematic storytelling. 

After Iron Man 3 was officially dubbed a Christmas movie late last year, this will be the second holiday project in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The trailer plays heavily on that theme with lights, trees, music, and even a snowy effect on the title card.

The trailer even features a line that is one of the most classic tropes in Christmas movie-making, "I'll be home for Christmas". Clint actually says "I'll be over for Christmas" as he seemingly ships his kids away from danger, but the point is it's Christmastime in the MCU, and Clint Barton has some things to take care of. 

Rogers: The Musical

Rogers The Musical
Marvel Studios

While this brief teaser is full of exciting moments, clues towards the MCU's future, and reasons to be excited about the Hawkeye mantle moving forward, there is really only one thing people will be talking about... Rogers: The Musical

An establishing shot of Broadway shows a full marquee campaign for the Captain America-inspired musical. "A Timeless Story of a Timeless Hero" is the tagline and a brief clip showing the performance is also included in the trailer. This seems to be parodying the events of Captain America: The First Avenger and The Battle of New York from The Avengers. 

Featured in the show are all the major players from The Avengers as well as Dr. Erskine from The First Avenger. This is hardly the first time a stage performance has parodied tragic events of the MCU, and surely it will not be the last. 

The Bartons' First Christmas In Forever

The Barton Family
Marvel Studios

The Barton family has been the viewer's best look into the life of Clint Barton throughout the entire MCU. Introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron and then the subject of an emotional reset in the opening scene of Avengers: Endgame, Ava Russo and the rest of the kids are back in Hawkeye. Lila Barton, played by Russo, seems excited that this is their first Christmas together in a very long time. This is another classic Christmas movie, a sign that things are about to go very wrong for Clint. 

Noticeably absent from the table is Laura Barton, Clint's wife, played by Linda Cardellini. This entire trailer is set in New York, so it is safe to assume Laura is back on the farm and that is where Clint sends his kids when things get a little hairy. She is confirmed to still be around when Clint talks to her on the phone later in the trailer. Why is Clint in New York while the rest of the family is back at the Barton compound? One can assume he's there to clean up some unfinished business.

Judging People On Their Worst Mistakes

Ronin Returns
Marvel Studios

During The Blip, Clint Barton donned the outfit and moniker Ronin. This is a much darker and vengeful version of the hero from the comics using his skills and abilities to take justice into his own hands. The sword-swinging take on Hawkeye was shown in Avengers: Endgame violently taking down the dark underbelly of society, who managed to survive the snap. 

Clint sees on the news that someone else has put on the leather ninja suit and is going around fulfilling the Ronin mission of taking out the scum of New York City. Clint explains he "made a lot of enemies" during that dark time and if someone is wearing that mask, they are a target. In an effort to prevent someone from paying for his mistakes, Clint tracks down the wannabe vigilante to warn them of the dangers of being Ronin. 

Nice Track Suit, Bro

Track Suit Mafia
Marvel Studios

One of said dangers seems to be facing a gang that Ronin has pissed off. The Track Suit Mafia is one of the antagonistic groups from the legendary Matt Fraction and David Aja comics run of Hawkeye from 2015. This group of eastern European thugs provide a variety of problems for Clint and company in the comics and even more comedic relief with their absurd overuse of the word "Bro".

This group is shown throughout the trailer chasing down our arrow touting protagonists. There is even a nod to their signature catchphrase in a moving company vehicle, which is surely a money-laundering front of some kind, "Trust A Bro Moving Company". They go after the Ronin imposter, forcing Clint to step in and help, revealing who has been putting themselves in harm's way. 

Hailee Steinfeld Is Pretty Much An Avenger

Kate Bishop
Marvel Studios

Kate. Bishop. Has. Arrived. 

The fan-favorite Hawkeye protégé makes her MCU debut in Hawkeye as the secondary lead and future of the mantle in the MCU. As a person who looks up to Hawkeye, Kate Bishop seems to be inspired to take on a vigilante role in honor of her favorite Avenger. Kate is the self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Archer" and is seemingly looking to impress her hero and become his mentee, much like her comic book parallel. 

Kate is a founding member of the Young Avengers in the comics and provides a witty, sarcastic, and confident attitude that is primed to translate beautifully in the MCU. Hailee Steinfeld sure looks the part and seems to have captured the iconic vibe of the next generation Hawkeye MCU fans have been waiting for.

Prepare for yet another new hero in Phase 4 for fans to fall in love with.  

More Representation In The MCU

Hearing Aid
Marvel Studios

Phase 4 has been the era of representation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There have been historic moments for females, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community so far, and Hawkeye is bringing another group to the forefront with people who have suffered hearing loss. 

Clint Barton in the comics has been rendered 80% deaf through the trials of the job and is the representative for those with a hearing difference. This trailer shows what looks to be a hearing aid in the ear of Clint, showing that his wear and tear over the years has caught up with him.  In the aforementioned Matt Fraction run, there is even an issue that is mostly told in ASL, which was a pioneering point for the audibly impaired. 

This storyline provides a unique challenge for the title character and will surely be a focal point of the character development for Clint and others. 

Echo in the MCU

Marvel Studios

Another Marvel hero who shares this disability with Clint is Maya Lopez, aka Echo. Lopez is shown in a brief shot in the teaser and will be featured in the series. Played by Alaqua Cox, Echo is a deaf character with photogenic reflexes that allow her to mimic the fighting styles of others. 

With her own Disney+ series in the works, Echo is sure to provide a ton of interesting story beats in this show. Clint will be trying to adapt to avenging under his new hearing challenges and Maya Lopez is just the person to help him figure it out. She also has deep comic ties with Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk, who have been heavily rumored to appear in the MCU in the near future. All of this leads Echo to be a top breakout candidate in the series and a dark horse to take on the Taskmaster mantle after a mixed reception from the character in Black Widow

Clint Barton's Apartment Building

Barton Apartment
Marvel Studios

A key story element to the Matt Fraction Hawkeye run is Clint's apartment building and the people who live there. While Clint's neighbors were not shown in the trailer, his apartment seems to be a location for him and Kate to gather themselves. The key shot was the Track Suit Mafia attacking this location with a moletov cocktail, which Clint deflects in an incredibly badass way. 

The Track Suit Mafia dragging Clint and his neighbors through the mud was a pivotal plot point to the story in the comics, but it is unknown how big of a role it will play here. Nonetheless, Marvel Studios has already proven this year they will feature key locations like this. The Budapest bits from Black Widow were somewhat panned by fans who expected more out of the iconic location. It remains to be seen how the home of Hawkguy and friends will be handled here. 

Clint's Getting Too Old For This

Barton Is Getting Old
Marvel Studios

Clint Barton is making his name as the Brett Favre of the MCU coming in and out of retirement at a moment's notice. Spending time with his family is the key driver to Clint wanting to hang it up, but the situation just won't let it happen. Another factor to this storyline seems to be Clint's very human body not being able to keep up the way it used to. Shown clearly by the assortment of ice packs Jeremy Renner's character uses for rehab.

But another aspect is that Clint has been there and done that many times over and he seems kind of over it. 

Throughout the trailer, Kate's spry and excitable actions seem to have Clint on edge. A variety of gif-worthy facial expressions from one of the MCU's longest-running heroes seems to hint at the classic friction between the eager up-and-coming Kate Bishop, and the grizzled vet Clint Barton. 

This could lead to Clint accepting that Kate is the future of the Hawkeye name and might spark the training montage fire fans are hoping for. Kate is already the self-proclaimed "World's Best" in the realm of archery. It will be interesting to see if she can impress the Marvel marksmen enough to warrant her Avengers training badge. 

Two Hawkeyes Of High Society

High Class Hawkeye
Marvel Studios

Leaning into that contrast of excitement and exhaustion, fans will be blessed with a black-tie affair for the title heroes. In a nod to one of the most memorable issues from the now overly referenced Matt Fraction run, Clint and Kate attend some sort of event that requires being dressed to the nines. 

An unfamiliar situation for Hawkeye in the MCU, audiences might see some espionage from the more covert of the MCU's two most iconic super spies. This is spearheaded by one of the most Easter Eggy shots of the trailer with Barton swinging out of a window in what remains of his suit. Pulled straight from the panels. 

Seeing Barton go undercover is sure to provide a ton of comedy and irony, but it is a more familiar position for Kate Bishop, at least in the comics. 

Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop

Eleanor Bishop
Marvel Studios

Kate Bishop is the daughter of a publishing supergiant in the comics and comes from a lifestyle of the rich and famous. Preferring a more grounded, Avenger-like lifestyle, this is a persona Kate is often hesitant to embrace unless the situation calls for it. A brief shot of Vera Farmiga's Eleanor Bishop, Kate's mother, hints that Hawkeye might dive into this Bishop backstory and provide a riches to rags arch for the character. 

Farmiga is a huge get for this show and with the star power she holds, it is easy to believe that mother Bishop will have a substantial role in this and other MCU projects. Eleanor has comic ties to Kate's arch-nemesis, and when you combine that fact with Farmiga's pull for audiences, it is not the craziest thing to speculate about her being the infamous Madame Masque. 

Rockefeller Center

Rockafeller Center

A superhero Christmas story in New York City is bound to hit all the marks on the best places to visit lists in the Big Apple. Rockefeller Center gets the nod early as it seems to be not only the location of a high-class party but also an epic ice ring battle.

The action sequences in this show are going to be largely in areas where both Clint and Kate can utilize their long-range abilities. The MCU has always done a great job of putting Hawkeye in positions to best showcase his abilities. Stretching that over six episodes and adding in a variety of chase scenes in exciting New York locations is what will bring the "wow factor" to Hawkeye. 

Everyone's Got A Gimmick

LARP, Central Park
Marvel Studios

Along with signature New York locations and situations, there is also some showing off unique and whacky situations for our dynamic duo. There seems to be a scene in the park going toe-to-toe with some LARPing groups. 

The Ronin outfit makes a crowd-pleasing appearance here with the crowd probably assuming he or she is an expert LARPer. This draws even more from the Matt Fraction style of putting both Clint and Kate in exhaustingly ridiculous situations. Look for more of this in the middle episodes to establish this relationship and get audiences emotionally invested for when everything inevitably goes wrong. 

It's Arrow! It's Lucky! IT'S THE PIZZA DOG!

Lucky The Pizza Dog
Marvel Studios

It is a safe bet that if people are not raving about the Steve Rogers musical from this teaser, that is because they are focused on Lucky, The Pizza Dog. 

An iconic pet in the Marvel Universe, Lucky (formerly Arrow), is a pizza-loving, one-eyed canine that follows Kate and Clint on their adventures. In the comics, Lucky lost his eye, saving Clint Barton and cementing his legacy as Marvel's fan-favorite good boy. In a Phase that has introduced a variety of lovable creatures, such as Morris from Shang-Chi, Crocodile Loki from Loki, and Sparky from WandaVision, there is something cooking in the four-legged department of Marvel Studios.

The question is, will fans get a Marvel Pets project confirmed before Young Avengers?

The Bow And The Arrow

Bow And Arrow
Marvel Studios

One of the most criticized aspects of the Hawkeye character in the MCU by Marvel Comics fans is the lack of focus on the unique and versatile quiver of the expert archer. Highlighted in a variety of runs, Hawkeye's trick arrows are a staple of the character that has only been teased here and there throughout five appearances. 

Kate Bishop's introduction in the teaser features an arrow with a tennis ball to hint at the quirky nature of the weapon. The highlight scene for the two Hawkeyes is a car chase that has Clint rummaging through his quiver to find the right arrow for the occasion. Expanding this arsenal will provide a variety of interesting action scenes for the widely considered "boring Avenger". The status of the boomerang arrow is still in question but seems more likely than not at this point. 

More Matt Fraction

Hawkeye Car Chase
Marvel Studios

One of the most exciting sequences from the Matt Fraction run is a car chase scene featuring a red 1970's Dodge Charger, Clint's favorite car. 

This car makes an appearance in the trailer in the same car chase scene mentioned before and has fans of the comic on the edge of their seat. Car chase scenes have been few and far between in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Black Widow featured a chase scene with that MCU flair, with quippy banter surrounded by high-speed action. 

If the panels are any representation of what is coming to Disney+, this is sure to be a standout action sequence in Hawkeye. 

The Hawkeye Shot 

Hawkeye Shot
Marvel Studios

This show is bound to focus heavily on the dynamic of Hawkeye old and new in Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. Multiple shots of the two working together and assisting one another leads to another MCU duo being featured in fan accounts everywhere. The mentor/mentee relationship is the core of these two and something that will surely add depth to Clint Barton while propelling Kate Bishop and Hailee Steinfeld into superstardom. 

This is symbolized by the final shot of the trailer before the title card being both Clint and Kate taking a dive while turning back to either attack or evade an oncoming threat. This is the iconic shot of the character in 2012's Avengers and is a great way to show that Clint still has it, and Kate is the future. 

Hawkeye Releases November 24, 2021

Hawkeye Endplate
Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios' first holiday series drops the day before Thanksgiving and is set to be one of the more whimsical entries in the MCU catalog. 

These shows on Disney+ have done wonders for the stock of existing characters in the MCU and have also served as a platform for overnight sensations in new characters. Hawkeye is set to bring both Clint and Kate with a seemingly grounded and personal story set in New York City. For as isolated as the Hawkeye journey seems to be, it is almost a guarantee that fans will be surprised by reaching implications on the rest of the MCU. 

They are in Daredevil's stomping grounds, with Wilson Fisk potential around every corner. They will be exploring the city, maybe showing what happened to Avengers Tower after Spider-Man: Homecoming. And the post-credits scene from Black Widow will provide incredibly awesome tension for Yelena Belova's arrival to confront Clint Barton at any moment. 

This show is pulling from one of the most critically-acclaimed comic books in history and features one of the most underutilized characters in the MCU. All of this is a recipe for a fan-favorite series that will round out what has been a historic year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Hawkeye Poster
Marvel Studios


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