Chris Evans' Captain America Receives His Own Musical In New Hawkeye Trailer

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Hawkeye Chris Evans Steve Rogers Musical

Some fans have, unironically or not, wished for Marvel Studios to explore musicals within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even Shang-Chi's Simu Liu joked about his film being a musical based on the two scenes where the characters sing to karaoke.

But, once upon a time, there was actually a Broadway musical about Marvel's web-slinging hero called Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. It was an unmitigated failure of a musical production that lost over $60 million dollars and injured dozens of actors by the time production finally closed.

So, it seems only appropriate that the newest trailer for Hawkeye, which takes place in the heart of New York, potentially pokes fun at this past shame.

Steve Rogers On Broadway

In the Hawkeye trailer that recently dropped, glimpses of a Broadway musical based on the life of Chris Evans' Steve Rogers titled: Rogers: The Musical can be seen.

Rogers The Musical Hawkeye
Marvel Studios

One tagline describes it as "A Timeless Story of a Timeless Hero," and one critic said it's "An All American Musical for an All American Hero."

Rogers Musical Battle of New York Hawkeye
Marvel Studios

Fans even got to see the musical in action as it depicts the Battle of New York seen in the original Avengers movie, with a Broadway actor at the front and center of stage representing Chris Evans' Cap.

Another New York Disaster in the Making

Seeing the costume design for this musical, it already appears to be incredibly cheap-looking, aside from the backup signers dressed as Chitauri. The Hulk is just a guy wearing a green puffy jacket, and Iron Man can be seen on the bridge above not even wearing any armor but just a t-shirt.

It simply looks awful—which is perfect.

As for when Clint Barton will see this musical disaster in the making? He likely sees it with his children when they visit him in New York. Another possibility is that Barton sees it with Bishop to lay low but roasts it as Clint provides Kate with any facts the musical gets wrong.

Fans will know for sure when they see Hawkeye debut on Disney+ on November 24, 2021.

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