Shang-Chi's Simu Liu Jokes About the Movie Being an Indie-Musical

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Simu Liu teases details about Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is one of the new franchises that is set to debut in the massive Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While production has been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic, there were still tidbits of information that have been revealed in recent weeks. Interestingly, an unconfirmed yet spoiler-filled plot leak has been shared that describes the titular hero's superpowers and several interesting story details.

A few casting additions for unknown roles have been reported, with the likes of Ronny Chieng and Fala Chen joining the stacked Asian cast of the film. More so, set footage from the early days of production was revealed, potentially hinting at when the film will take place in the larger MCU timeline. With the movie having its own mysterious narrative being kept under wraps, a new interview with Simu Liu ( Kim's Convenience ) who plays the titular character even raises more questions than answers about Shang-Chi .


During the Unforgettable Gala at Beverly Hill Hotel last December, Pacific Rim Video asked Simu Liu if he can share something about 2021's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings . However, Liu was adamant to share secrets about the movie, leading him to playfully dodge the questions by describing the Phase 4 entry as a "tiny little movie" to even acting surprised that the reporter knows about the film.

"It's just this tiny little movie that we...oh, it's called Indie-comedy, Marvel's...Oh you've heard of that one too. Yeah, they approached me a while ago about this tiny little movie and it doesn't pay anything, get an exposure, like an IMDb credit, and I was like, you know I haven't worked in a while... I might as well do it. I'm actually surprised that you know about it.

Interestingly, when the reporter asked Liu about the tone of the movie, he playfully teased that it will be a "musical."

I haven't said this very often but Shang-Chi is going to be a musical. You heard it here first. I've been petitioning for this ever since I was cast on day one. I auditioned with an Aladdin song... and they said they weren't doing the musical and they weren't going to do the songs. I was like that's why I loved Mulan. So thankfully, we made the decision to make Shang-Chi a musical. It's going to be sung through, there's no dialogue. there's going to be songs and I'm really excited for the world to see it.

You can check out the full video of the funny interview below.


While it's clear that Simu Liu is just joking during the interview, the way that he falsely answered the questions in a believable way is a trait that could be translated into his version of the MCU's Shang-Chi. Not much is known about the personality of Shang-Chi in next year's The Legend of The Rings, but the comedic chops of Liu are likely to be included. After all, Marvel Studios is known for its unique brand of humor in practically all of its films.

Being cast in a huge superhero role was a dream come true for Liu. On top of keeping Marvel's movie secrets, as evidenced during the interview, the actor has been extremely vocal about his excitement on playing the Master of Kung Fu along with shutting down critics about the casting. It's been apparent that Liu has been exhibiting high commitment and passion for playing the MCU's first Asian superhero since the day that his casting was announced.

While the chances of Shang-Chi being a musical are slim to none, it is an interesting possibility regardless. However, fans will likely be relieved if Shang-Chi just sticks with the action and comedy instead of singing and dancing.

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