Titans Season 3: DC Reveals Anna Diop's New Starfire Design For HBO Max Show

Starfire in Titans
By Pierre Chanliau Posted:

Over the course of its two seasons, Titans has been steadily improving, at least when it comes to the characters' costumes, bit by bit. The show has already teased and released the first look at Curran Walters, as Red Hood, in full costume. However, one character who was always in desperate need of a new costume, that can actually be called a superhero suit, is Anna Diop's Starfire.

Stuck wearing a fur coat for the vast majority of the show's first season and civilian clothing with purple accents in the second, it's about time Diop was given a proper costume. This was made even more appropriate that she would get one in the upcoming third season, due to it featuring Starfire's sister, Blackfire, as the primary antagonist.

In a similar manner as the Red Hood costume reveal, DC decided to tease the reveal of Anna Diop's new Starfire outfit first, until finally showing it today.


The Twitter account for HBO Max has posted the first image of Anna Diop as Starfire in full costume, accompanied by a new piece of concept art.

Additionally, the Titans Twitter account has released even more concept and development artwork for Anna Diop's Starfire costume.



This is certainly an enormous upgrade for the character, who will be sporting a costume fitting of a superhero. In the comics, Starfire typically shows a lot more skin due to her powers working like Superman, in that she is recharged by exposure to the Sun.

Since that would look very silly in live-action, and since Superman doesn't have to bear his midriff in the comics to achieve a similar effect, the costume designer opted not to do that for Starfire in Titans. However, it seems that parts of the fabric on the costume are slightly transparent, likely as a compromise to achieve a similar visual as the comics' design.