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Titans Season 4 is expected to feature exciting story opportunities for Dick Grayson and his vigilante team, especially after dealing with one of their own in its previous batch of episodes. Season 3 delivered a game-changer for the series as the team encountered the combined threats of Red Hood and Scarecrow, ultimately leading to the departure of Dove and the death of Alan Ritchson's Hawk. 

In the past seasons, one of the lingering issues of Titans has been centered around Ryan Potter's Beast Boy. Although his comic book abilities allow him to transform into any animal he's seen, Beast Boy's live-action version has been limited to turning into a tiger, briefly into a snake, and sometimes just turning green with small fangs. 

Season 3 managed to address this, with the show confirming that his ability is rooted in fear. This meant that he could only transform if he was afraid or in danger, but Raven hinted that the hero does have a full range of animal transformations in his repertoire that is waiting to be accessed. 

While plot details of Season 4 are still being kept under wraps, a new update could hint that a Beast Boy-focused episode is slated to happen. 

Beast Boy Takes the Spotlight in Season 4 

Titans Beast Boy

Titans director Eric Dean Seaton shared a new behind-the-scenes update about the fourth season of the DC series, confirming that Beast Boy actor Ryan Potter is credited as co-writer on its seventh installment.

Potter's writing credit is historic, marking the first time that an actor from the show has written a Titans script. This is also Seaton's first episode as director of Titans

Seaton revealed the first page of the episode's script while reflecting on the impact of the Teen Titans comics on his life. The Superman & Lois and Batwoman director also offered high praise to the late comic book artist George Perez: 

"Hard to put into words what this one represents. I loved the @DCTitans comic as a kid and it all started with issue 8. I still have every issue @MarvWolfman and #GeorgePerez made. These stories were an eye opener into my passion for storytelling. And knowing the visuals were created by a man of color made it all the more special. I would read this book and imagine what this artwork would look like in real life. Sadly, I never got to meet Mr. Perez before he passed. But I am going to put a big cinematic thank you on his co-creation and amazing life inspiring work."
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How Beast Boy's Story in Titans Season 4 Could Evolve (Theory) 

This historic move for Titans is a fitting development for the series since it allows Ryan Potter to fully showcase his knowledge of the Beast Boy character, while also addressing issues related to the character. 

At this point, it's a safe bet that Beast Boy is set to take the spotlight in some form in Season 4, instead of explaining his issues through dialogue and brief moments of reflection. An episode revolving around the young DC hero that is written by the actor who plays him on-screen is poised to showcase a compelling arc that could evolve his story in many ways.  

While it's unknown how this Beast Boy-focused episode will be introduced, it's possible that Potter's Gar Logan will be separated from the rest of the team, allowing him to experiment with his powers on his own. Doing this could allow Logan to escape from his fear, thus utilizing his abilities to the fullest. 

Joseph Morgan's Brother Blood, who is confirmed to be Season 4's villain, also has a comic history with Beast Boy, and the show could use this as inspiration for a potential live-action duel. In DC's The Ravagers comics, Brother Blood targeted Beast Boy, causing him to have nightmares. However, the character's connection to The Red (the extradimensional power source of Animal Man's abilities) served as the key to defeating Blood since he was the only one who could sense the evil intents of the villain. 

Titans could use this storyline as the basis for Beast Boy being pushed to the forefront of the series. As a result, the character could break free and use his abilities to the fullest to help the team take down Brother Blood and his allies in Season 4.

While it's unclear whether Warner Bros. will keep Titans around after its fourth season, it seems that the young superhero team will get at least one last hurrah before that day comes.

The first three seasons of Titans are now streaming on HBO Max. 

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