HBO Max Titans' Massive Series Finale Teased by Star

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HBO Max Titans, Season 4, Part 2 poster

A star of HBO Max's Titans just teased the show's massive series finale, which is set to debut in just a few weeks' time.

Ahead of its final six installments, the DC Comics show laid a lot of groundwork for its last few hours of storytelling. The threat of Brother Blood is now on a whole new level, Connor Kent's got an entirely different personality, Jay Lycurgo's Tim Drake will suit up as Robin, and more.

All of these moving pieces suggest that fans of the show will be in for quite the bombastic conclusion as it wraps up its four-season run.

Titans Star Teases Big Finale

Titans actor Joseph Morgan
Joseph Morgan

In a new interview with TVLine, Titans actor Joseph Morgan, who plays Brother Blood in the show's fourth and final season, teased the upcoming series finale.

Morgan exclaimed that the last installment is "huge" while making sure to point out how the creatives "wrote it as a series finale:"

"It’s huge. And they wrote it as a series finale. There’s complete resolve, and they go go bigger than they have done. I think it was really important to all of the actors, to [showrunner] Greg [Walker], and to Brenton [Thwaites, who plays Dick] specifically, that the Titans come together as a team, to face the threat ahead of them. It was hugely exhausting for me, massively physical, and I really went through it with all of them."

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Titans showrunner Greg Walker shared how on past shows, he regretted pulling punches and leaving plotlines open, only never to get the renewal they'd hoped for.

So when it came to his DC show, he treated each and every season like it "[was] the last one:"

"Once a show matures and you get on in years, you're like, 'we better treat this as the last one... So we did that with this one from the beginning, and we really wanted to make sure that we didn't leave anything unattended. I've been on shows before where we didn't do that, we didn't write the season finale as a series finale, and I really regretted that we pulled some punches and left some openings. So I thought well, let's go for it all the way and really make a positive experience for the characters and fans."

For Walker, one of the most challenging parts of this final season was "pushing the Dick/Kory duo" to a point that it resembled "what the comic books set up:"

"... So many people are so invested in these characters, so we really talked about the endings that we'd want to see for them. It was especially challenging pushing the Dick/Kory duo to a point where it really felt like we'd come closer to the promise of what the comic books set up."

The Titans' Last Rodeo

Fans have had to endure Titans fumbling the last acts of its various plot lines before, so hopefully the creative team will be able to nail the conclusion to both the show and Brother Blood's big storyline.

One of the elements of Titans' final episodes that fans are eagerly awaiting is a big crossover with Stargirl. Sadly, if early reactions from critics are to be believed, those moments could only be a "few seconds long."

Fans will be able to see for themselves when the episode, crossover episode titled "Dude Where's My Gar?" hits HBO Max on Thursday, April 20.

While the show may be coming to a close, some of its writing staff are holding on to hope that a revival could be in the cards down the line. At the very least, fans should expect to see these characters again in some form or another.

The recently announced Brave and the Bold Batman film will include Damien Wayne, a Robin that never made it into Titans. His involvement basically confirms that other members of the Bat Family will be included, or at least already exist in that universe—with Dick Grayson being a near guarantee.

Hopefully, the rest of the team gets another go in the spotlight. Characters like Beast Boy or Raven are loved by so many, it would be heartbreaking to never see them again in live-action, even though it will likely be under a new actor.

Titans is now streaming on HBO Max.

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