Titans Season 5 Plans Revealed by Showrunner

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Titans Raven, Nightwing, Beast Boy

Although Titans already ended its four-season run on HBO Max, its showrunner revealed the scrapped plans for Season 5. 

Titans Season 4 was full of exciting storylines, such as an unexpected crossover with the DCEU and the Arrowverse and a Trigon-centric plot point that tied back to Season 1. However, the show's swan song meant that this would be the final time fans would see this DC superhero group. 

Despite that, Titans writer Tom Pabst expressed hopes of seeing a revival in the future, noting that the characters are "beloved" and "getting more interesting as [they] explore them."

Titans Showrunner Shares Original Season 5 Plans

The Fearsome Five

In an interview with Screen Rant, Titans showrunner Greg Walker talked about his plans for a potential Season 5 of the series if it was not canceled by HBO Max.

When asked if there were any villains that he wanted to introduce in Season 5, Walker confirmed that the likes of The Fearsome Five and Tara were "mentioned," saying that they had to "continue to mind from within the Titans world:"

"The Fearsome Five got mentioned and Tara got mentioned. We were playing around with some ideas there, we knew there would be a limiting factor. The Bat-Family in that world was off limits pretty much at that point, so we had to continue to mine from within the Titans world. There were still options to go for, but they were going to require us to really figure out how to do that intelligently."

The DC showrunner then pointed out that introducing Tara would've included "some constraints" due to her powers: 

"Of course, we would try that but there’s some constraints like Tara’s, powers for VFX are intense. We started to look at ‘How can we work around that without making a disappointing experience for the fans?’"

In DC Comics, Tara Markov aka Terra was initially a member of the Teen Titans, but she betrayed them due to being manipulated by Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke. Terra has the ability to manipulate the earth in any form. 

Meanwhile, The Fearsome Five is a group of villains that Doctor Light assembled to defeat the Teen Titans. The team's members include Doctor Light, Gizmo, Shimmer, Mammoth, and Psimon.

When asked if there were any Teen Titans members that they tried to introduce, Walker responded with Roy Harper aka Arsenal, confirming that "there was always the possibility of doing that:"

"Roy Harper. I really wanted to bring Roy, and we talked about that a lot. There was always the possibility of doing that. But we hadn’t started the negotiations, meaning we hadn’t asked if we could use him. But that was a conversation."

Will Titans Return Despite Its Cancellation?

It would've been an interesting sight to see the Titans' take on live-action versions of Tara Markov and The Fearsome Five, especially after how Season 4 showcased the titular team as now a tight-knit group. 

While Season 4 ended with some of the members in their own separate adventures, a threat like The Fearsome Five or a new member like Tara (who would later betray them) that needs a family presents an opportunity for the team to reunite at some point. 

At this point, Titans already bid its goodbye to fans in an emotional yet uplifting series finale. It remains to be seen if these characters or storylines will be revisited. 

Sadly, the DCU's new chapter hinders the potential of seeing the Titans on-screen anytime soon, though James Gunn noted that the decision to cancel the show was made even before he and Peter Safran took the job at DC Studios.

If James Gunn's new DCU decides to tackle a massive Crisis On Infinite Earths storyline on the big screen in the future, then it opens the possibility of seeing this version of the Titans again as brief cameos to pay tribute to its incredible run. 

Titans Season 4 is streaming on HBO Max.

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