Will Titans Season 5 Happen? DC Star Responds to Revival Prospects

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Titans star Joshua Orpin revealed his potential story ideas for Superboy if Season 5 will happen. 

Titans Season 4 served as the show's swan song after Max (formerly HBO Max) canceled the hit DC series. Moreover, DC Studios head James Gunn made it clear that the cancellation happened before he and Peter Safran took over the studio. 

Titans writer Tom Pabst previously addressed prospects of a potential revival, pointing out that the show's premise was "one of the best superhero premises."

Superboy Actor Shares Season 5 Hopes for DC Hero

Joshua Orpin as Superbly

Speaking with Multiverse of Color, Superboy actor Joshua Orpin talked about potential plans for the character if ever Titans will return for a fifth season. 

While admitting that Titans Season 4 "really didn't hold back" in pushing Connor's journey to the forefront, the DC star said that Season 5 could've featured Connor going away "for a little bit" from the team: 

"To be honest, one of the things I found most satisfying about Conner’s journey in season 4 is that we really didn’t hold back. I was kind of thinking: ‘what’s left to do after this? Where do we take it after this?’ Part of me thinks that if there were to be a season 5, Conner might have received the Jason Todd treatment or Raven in season 3 treatment where he goes away for a little bit and then he comes back."

Orpin continued by saying he would've wanted to see Conner develop his social skills and potentially meet and live with Ma and Pa Kent in Smallville: 

"But in terms of what I would have wanted, I think I would have wanted Conner develop a few more social skills. I’d love to see some of those things we get in the comics, such as Conner going to school or living with Ma and Pa Kent. So he gets that authentic upbringing and gets to learn about how to exist as a person in the world rather than a superhero. Because, as far as we know on 'Titans,' he’s just been a part of this superhero squad from day one. That’s what I’d like to have seen!"

In Season 4, Conner had limited interactions with some of the Titans members due to his heel turn. 

Multiverse of Color's Will G. noted that he wished Conner would've interacted more with Tim Drake in Season 4 due to their history in the comics. The actor agreed, but he mentioned that the character's storyline in the final season revolved around him "[veering] off on his own path:"

Will G.: "Now that the show is over, are there any characters you wish Conner got to interact with more? I would have to say Tim, purely because of their friendship in the books, and I enjoyed what little we got of them in season 4."

Joshua: "I would say so. One of the byproducts of Conner’s storyline in season 4 is that he veers off on his own path. A lot of my scenes ended up being with Joseph Morgan, who plays Sebastian (Sanger), and that took me away from the core cast."

Orpin then said that he would've also loved more scenes with Gar and Raven in Season 4, but Superboy's arc in Season 4 didn't allow him to:

"I would have loved more scenes with Gar, with Raven – we don’t really have too many over the course of the series. I love working with Ryan and Teagan and also Jay. We got a little bit of Tim Drake and Conner early in the season but I would have loved to bring that full circle and maybe have a few more moments. But again, there’s so many plates in the air and things going on."

Still, the actor reflected on the team's reunion during the series finale: 

"I enjoyed that scene in the series finale where we’re all celebrating Christmas and it’s that family dynamic. A lighthearted bit of fun. I know those are the scenes the fans really enjoy, just watching them hang out together."

In a previous interview with Screen Rant, Titans showrunner Greg Walker revealed scrapped plans for the show's fifth season, which includes the introduction of the Fearsome Five, Tara, and Roy Harper as Arsenal. 

Will Titans Season 5 Ever Happen?

While Joshua Orpin's ideas about Superboy's path in Titans Season 5 are exciting, it is unfortunate that it will not move forward.

At this point, Titans Season 5 seems very unlikely to happen due to multiple reasons. 

DC Studios' new DCU plans are on the horizon, with James Gunn and Peter Safran set to introduce a new wave of fresh faces. 

Meanwhile, all of the other live-action shows are now winding down, especially after the Arrowverse ended with The Flash Season 9

Superman & Lois and Gotham Knights appear to be on the chopping board as well due to The CW's shift into new content. 

Despite that, Titans Season 4 managed to deliver a perfect send-off to the titular protagonists. 

Titans Season 4 is streaming on Max. 

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