HBO Max Just Cancelled 2 More DC Superhero Shows

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According to a new report, the fourth seasons of DC's Titans and Doom Patrol on HBO Max will be their last.

Both series made the jump from the short-lived DC Universe streamer to HBO Max for their third seasons.

But due to the Warner Bros. Discovery merger and the ongoing purge of HBO Max content, the fate of DC's Titans and Doom Patrol has been in question for months.

Two DC Superhero Series Axed by HBO Max

As reported by Variety, the DC live-action superhero series Titans and Doom Patrol have been canceled by HBO Max. 

Reportedly, both shows knew their respective fourth seasons would be their last and planned for definitive conclusions. 

The final seasons for both series consist of 12 episodes which have split into two six-episode halves. 

In the following statement, Titans showrunner, Greg Walker, assured fans that the series has "six episodes left" which will "give our beloved characters the creative closure:"

“I’m immensely proud of our gifted cast, crew, and writing staff and their efforts in bringing to life all forty nine episodes over the last five plus years. I couldn’t have asked for better partners in Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television, and HBO Max, and from the beginning, Geoff Johns and Akiva Goldsman. I’m incredibly grateful for their unyielding trust throughout this process. Lastly, I have to thank our incredible fans for their continued support, engagement, and the passionate community they’ve built around our show. We have six episodes left to unleash upon the world that we hope will give our beloved characters the creative closure we all know they deserve.”

According to Titans director Nick Copus, Part 2 of Season 4 should be released sometime "in April."

Doom Patrol showrunner, Jeremy Carver, also thanked the series' "brilliant cast, indomitable crew, fearless writing staff," as well as its fans for "a once-in-a-lifetime ride:"

“To our wonderfully supportive partners at HBO Max, Warner Bros. Television, Berlanti Productions, and DC Studios, thank you for indulging us these past four seasons. Also, what were you smoking? To our brilliant cast, indomitable crew, fearless writing staff and, most of all, to our beautiful fans: thank you all the more. You made this a once-in-a-lifetime ride.”

In addition to HBO Max continuing to axe content, this latest batch of cancellations comes amidst James Gunn and Peter Safran assuming the role of co-heads of DC Studios and working to reboot the DCU.

However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, sources claim that "the decision to end both shows was made before their arrival."

Greg Berlanti's Dwindling DC Catalogue

For DC fans, the past several months have been one cancellation after another, particularly in terms of shows helmed by director and producer Greg Berlanti

In addition to Titans and Doom Control, Berlanti's long-running series The Flash is also in its final season.

Once those three series come to an end, and apart from him retooling Green Lantern for the streamer, Superman & Lois and Gotham Knights will be his only superhero shows still standing. 

Just how long those series survive remains to be seen, but it's worth noting that not all of HBO Max's DC content is under fire. 

The adult animated series Harley Quinn, which transitioned from DC Universe to HBO Max alongside Titans and Doom Patrol, was recently renewed for a fourth season. 

Until James Gunn and Peter Safran unveil their plan for an interconnected DCU, the future of existing DC content is still up for debate.

But at least for fans of Doom Patrol and Titans, both shows haven't been cut too prematurely as their showrunners were able to end on their own terms. 

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