HBO Max Expected to Kill 2 Ongoing DC Superhero Shows

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As Warner Bros. Discovery finds its footing after its merger, the future of the DC Universe remains in question with projects facing cancelations from all over the studio. The company only has plans laid out officially for the next couple of years, and even with dozens of heroes and villains at their disposal, there are plenty of movies and TV shows that have met the end of their shelf life.

Arguably causing the most vitriol is the abrupt cancelation of Leslie Grace's Batgirl, which was nearly finished in post-production before being unexpectedly taken off the release schedule for good. This comes alongside concerns that 2023's The Flash could see a similar demise despite boasting a much higher production budget, although the movies are far from the only entries that could hit the chopping block.

DC's Strange Adventures anthology series suffered the same fate as Batgirl in the last few days, as WBD looks to rework its vision for what the overarching DC Universe should be on the big and small screen. And now, that trend seems set to continue as reports hinted at a couple of other shows that might be in danger of seeing their stories end.

More DC Superhero Shows In Danger of Cancelation

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Variety shared that Warner Bros. Discovery could potentially cancel both Titans and Doom Patrol, which currently stream on HBO Max. This comes amidst multiple cancelations and delays for the expansive DC Universe as Warner Bros. works through its merger with Discovery.

Will Titans and Doom Patrol Survive on HBO Max?

Titans and Doom Patrol found their niche on HBO Max over the past few years, serving as more adult-geared entertainment that takes on the darker and weirder side of the DC Universe. But now, with so many changes set to take effect regarding how the company manages its content, these two programs might be next in line for potential cancelation over the coming months.

Titans' fourth season is currently expected to premiere within the next few months, while Doom Patrol was also renewed for Season 4, although the latter doesn't have a confirmed release timeframe yet. Should this report prove true, these seasons could very well be the final ones for both shows, ending a unique era of DC storytelling as the company works through its future options.

It will likely still be some time until fans officially find out the fates of both shows, especially with so much still to work through for Warner Bros. and Discovery behind the scenes.

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