Doom Patrol's Season 5 Future Gets Discouraging Update from Star Diane Guerrero

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Doom Patrol Season 5 Release

While Doom Patrol Season 4 is in full swing, one of its lead stars has offered a grim update about the HBO Max series as fans look to a potential Season 5.

Before Season 4 premiered, there were concerns that the DC series would be canceled after a string of cancellations from HBO Max. However, Doom Patrol survived to fight another day amongst its DC peers in the streaming world.

As for Season 5, Doom Patrol showrunner Jeremy Carver addressed the possibility by saying that the show can continue "as long as [there is] a fresh and inventive story to tell."

Now, a new update has emerged.

Will Doom Patrol Season 5 Happen? 

Diane Guerrero, who portrays Jane in the DC series, reshared a fan-edited video of Crazy Jane on Instagram along with the caption, "Goodbye my beloved." The actress has since deleted the post: 

Diane Guerrero

As a result, some fans are leaning toward the possibility that Diane Guerrero was already made aware that Doom Patrol won't be renewed for Season 5. 

Why Doom Patrol Season 4 Needs a Satisfying Ending

Diane Guerrero's latest deleted comments spell trouble for fans eager to see Doom Patrol Season 5. The Crazy Jane actress is one of the pivotal parts of the HBO Max series so it wouldn't be surprising if she were already given the heads up about the show's cancellation.

Given that Doom Patrol Season 4 Part 1 ended on a massive cliffhanger (the Buttpocalypse in full swing), Part 2 has a lot on its plate if the news is true that this is the team's final adventure. 

Doom Patrol showrunner Jeremy Carver earlier said that Season 4's ending could be "reopened" to produce more new and greater adventures, meaning that the finale could wrap up several storylines with their respective satisfying endings. 

Moreover, HBO Max has yet to announce Part 2's release date, potentially hinting that there could be a plan to revisit Season 4's ending to give fans a worthwhile finale. 

Doom Patrol Season 4 Part 1 is streaming on HBO Max.

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