Titans Season 4 Part 2 Gets Release Date Update from Director

Titans Season 4 HBO Max
By Nathan Johnson Posted:

Titans will be returning to HBO Max soon for the release of Season 4 Part 2.

The first six episodes of Season 4 already premiered on HBO Max, which introduced fans to Titus Welliver’s Lex Luthor and Joseph Morgan’s Sebastian Sanger, aka Brother Blood.

Season 4 was broken up into two halves, with six episodes already released, and another six set to come at a later date. This is the first time that a season of Titans followed that formula, and as fans of the series have been patiently awaiting an update regarding Season 2 Part 4, one of the show’s directors was recently able to tease when the superhero team will be back in action on HBO Max.

Titans Season 4 Likely to Return in April

DC Titans

Titans director Nick Copus recently shared a photo via Instagram to celebrate the one-year anniversary of when he began working on Season 4 of the HBO series.

This season of Titans was divided into Part 1, which is already available to stream, and Part 2. In the comments of his post, Copus revealed that he believes Part 2 will be released sometime “in April.” 

The director also teased that he will be returning to work on the show’s next installment, as the comment also provided an update on Season 5, which is apparently extremely secret:

“Part two I believe will air on HBO MAX in April. I am sworn to secrecy on Season Five… nuff said”

Titans’ Bright Future Amid DC Drama

The world of DC has been in a bit of a rough patch as of late, with many projects, crew members, and even actors left to wonder if their time in that universe is over.

Titans was one of the shows whose future was unclear as of late. Episodes of Season 4 Part 1 were already being released on a weekly basis while sweeping changes took place at Warner Bros. and DC, making the current installment safe for the time being.

However, Copus’ comments suggest that he is already working on Season 5, meaning Titans may be safe moving forward. 

Showrunner Greg Walker was already asked about the possibility of the show being canceled after Season 4. He stated that “HBO Max is incredibly supportive” of Titans, so now that it appears Copus has knowledge regarding the future as well, perhaps DC feels as though the series has something to offer, keeping it alive for the time being.