Is HBO Max Cancelling Titans? DC Producer Responds to Concerns

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Ever since Warner Bros. made the decision to cancel Batgirl, despite it being already shot and in post-production, every project under Warner Bros. purview has been wondering if they'll be next—especially the expansive slate of DC Comics properties. So if something as big as Leslie Grace's debut was canned, which also had Michael Keaton in it, what hope do smaller shows like Titans or Doom Patrol have?

Even the Arrowverse seems to be coming to an end with The Flash's upcoming season; that connected universe started a decade ago, back in 2012. Furthermore, the high-profile Batman: The Caped Crusader animated show was struck from HBO Max's slate.

So have fans seen the last of Dick Grayson and his team or the group of lovable misfits brought together by Dr. Niles Caulder?

Well, according to those behind the show, they don't know.

Will Titans or Doom Patrol Continue?

DC Titans

During a roundtable interview with several outlets, including Inverse, Titans showrunner Greg Walker was asked if the DC Comics series will be renewed.

Walker responded that they are "in a wait and see mode" and pointed out how HBO Max has been "incredibly supportive of the show:"

“You know as much as I do... [we're] in a wait and see mode... we’re excited about this season. HBO Max is incredibly supportive of the show and really helping us become the show we want to be, and get us in front of as many people as possible.”

The showrunner then added how anything else is up to the uncontrollable and unpredictable dynamics of the "world economy." He noted that if a decision is close to being made, he wants to "have a conversation... because [he] wants to know."

As for whether Doom Patrol might be renewed, star Joivan Wade, who plays Victor Stone on the series, admitted that "[they're] as left in the lurch as [everyone is]:"

“We’re as left in the lurch as you guys are, to be completely honest with you... [it's only] once a series comes out, do we ever hear [anything]... sometimes you’ve been fortunate to hear a little bit before. We’re signed up for some reasons. And then off the back of that, we just wait every year to see whether or not they’re willing to bring it back.”

Will Warner Bros. Be Merciful?

Maybe the blood bath at Warner Bros. is almost done; the worst of it could be over, and those big decisions have already been made. This would mean that in the case of both Titans and Doom Patrol, no news is good news.

When it comes to the fourth season of Titans, the show will be bringing the infamous Lex Luthor into the picture. It would be a shame if the show introduces him only to be canceled not long after—especially since it could also lead to a Superman cameo.

As for the next season of Doom Patrol, the recently released teaser showed that the series has not lost any of its craziness, which is what makes the show so unique. After all, what other show has its heroes fighting superpowered flying butts?

Titans Season 4 will premiere on November 3, while Doom Patrol Season 4 lands on December 8.

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