Warner Bros Releases Titans Season 4 Clip and Release Date

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Titans Season 4 Clip, Lex Luthor, Superboy, Tim Drake

HBO Max's ever-expanding Titans series will soon be back to dive even further into the comic book lore, and DC has already revealed some big plans for Season 4. Among the new additions to the cast comes a slew of new villains with Lex Luthor, Brother Blood, Jinx, and Mother Mayhem.

The arrival of Titus Welliver's Lex Luthor brings a long-awaited addition to the cast, having previously been behind the off-screen creation of the Titans' own Superboy. With Connor Kent already in the picture and Lex Luthor on the way, evidence has even suggested the Man of Steel himself may be a surprise Season 4 addition.

Just days ago, DC debuted the first look at Titans Season 4 with a short clip that showed Nightwing taking on a group of ninjas. Now, the short preview has been followed by a full reveal that includes two extended looks, a release date, and more Titans news.

DC's Titans Season 4 Debuts Lex Luthor Clip

Following its debut at New York Comic-Con, DC officially released a new clip of Titans Season 4 that features a terrifying Lex Luthor reaching out to Superboy, Tim Drake in training to become Robin, and the team on the road.

A second clip from Titans Season 4 featured the young heroes suited up for a tough fight with the villainous Mother Mayhem.

DC also released the first teaser for Titans Season 4, confirming the DC series will return with Part One of the next batch of episodes on November 3.

Additionally, Beast Boy's brand-new superhero suit debuted at New York Comic-Con, showcasing a significantly updated look.

Titans Season 4 Beast Boy New Suit
Warner Bros.

Beast Boy and Raven are shown cuddled together in the Titans' high-tech van before an EMP goes off and disrupts their technology.

Titans Season 4, Lex Luthor, Clip
Warner Bros.

Titus Welliver's terrifying new Lex Luthor attempts to communicate with Superboy at a deafening frequency that can't be heard by the rest of the Titans.

Titans Season 4, Lex Luthor, Clip
Warner Bros.

Luthor summons Superboy to LexCorp tower in his message, following which Connor Kent instructs the group to return to Metropolis.

Titans Season 4, Lex Luthor, Clip
Warner Bros.

Titans Reveals Exciting Season 4 Villains

Clearly, DC went big on Titans Season 4 at New York Comic-Con with a peak at the new Lex Luthor, an intense fight sequence, a new suit for Beast Boy, and the supernatural cult they will be taking on in the new season. On top of all that, the premiere is right around the corner as it arrives in under a month's time.

Titus Welliver's Lex Luthor looks to be a truly terrifying take on the villainous billionaire, and he appears to have plans in mind for Superboy. One can only wonder if this new exploration of the Superman mythos in Metropolis will lead to a cameo from the Man of Steel himself, which was recently teased by HBO Max.

As Tim Drake gets his training underway to become the next Robin, Titans appears to be exploring the character's bisexuality that was recently revealed in DC Comics. Drake sends a picture with his bow staff to Star Labs' Bernard, who made it for him, presumably this is the Bernard Dowd he is currently dating in the comics.

Turning the attention to Mother Mayhem, the Titans' latest foe appears to be putting up a tough fight for even the entire DC team together. She looks to dispatch every member of the Titans with ease, with only Starfire putting up a tough fight in the final moments of the clip that sees their powers collide into an energy eruption.

Titans Season 4 will premiere on HBO Max on November 3.

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