HBO Max Teases Superman Cameo In Titans Season 4 (Photo)

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The premiere of Titans Season 4 is fast approaching, meaning that marketing has been ramping up for its release. The upcoming season is confirmed to feature a showdown between the titular team and Joseph Morgan's Brother Blood.

Aside from the threat from Brother Blood's supernatural cult, another iconic DC villain is set to arrive in the form of Titus Welliver's Lex Luthor. The show's official synopsis revealed that the team will have a "stop at Metropolis" along their journey, indicating that Luthor and other familiar faces from the city will have a significant role. 

Now, it looks like Metropolis' protector could be paying the Titans a visit as well in Season 4.

Is Superman Coming to Titans Season 4?

Murphy's Multiverse shared new photos from the Titans' booth at this year's New York Comic-Con, uncovering many set props from Season 4. 

Interestingly, one of the props featured at the booth was Clark Kent's glasses, which also included a note specifying that it originates from Season 4: 

Clark Kent Glasses
Murphy's Multiverse

This latest tease could be a hint that Superman will appear in Season 4. 

Meanwhile, more props were shown off at the booth, such as Red Hood's Helmet and concept art for Jinx and Brother Blood's designs: 

Titans Season 4
Murphy's Multiverse

More photos show a breakdown of Starfire's armor and an "RV Key Fob" that will appear in Season 4:

Titans Season 4
Murphy's Multiverse

Predicting Superman's Role in Titans Season 4 

Superman's arrival in Titans Season 4 serves as good news for Connor Kent a.k.a. Superboy, since it allows him to finally receive some solid advice from his "idol." The DC hero's debut in the series comes at a good time, considering that Connor had significant outbursts in the past season. 

To recap, Connor blamed himself due to the death of Hank Hall, with him even telling Beast Boy that Superman wouldn't have failed in the same situation. Situations like these would've been improved if Superman was present to calm Connor down, telling him that not everyone can be saved. 

At the end of Season 3, Connor is back with the team, and this presents a good opportunity to feature Superman. While the presence of Lex Luthor is troublesome for Connor mainly due to the fact that the young hero is worried that the "Lex" side of his personality could take over, Clark Kent's calming presence could be what he needs in order to get over the hump and accept his heroic self. 

Moreover, Superman's appearance in Titans Season 4 could also reveal more about his backstory and potential partnership with the show's version of Batman. 

Titans Season 4 will premiere on HBO Max in November. 

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