HBO Max's Titans Writer Expects Revival Following Cancellation

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While Titans is poised to finish its four-season run on HBO Max, DC scribe Tom Pabst expressed hope for a potential revival. 

Ahead of DCU's new era under DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, HBO Max unceremoniously canceled several shows, including Titans and Doom Patrol

Following the cancellation, Gunn set the record straight on how it happened, noting that it was made before he and Safran took over for DC Studios. Still, some have speculated that the show can still be saved. 

Titans Season 4 Writer Opens up Potential Revival

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In an interview with Multiverse of Color, Titans writer Tom Pabst talked about the show's ending and a possible revival. 

When asked what would a potential Season 5 would look like, Pabst admitted that he would've had "better answers" three months ago, noting that the idea starts with the series' main villain: 

"If you’d asked me this three months ago, I would’ve had better answers. Greg and I would pitch and knock around ideas of how it could go. You really should start with who the bad guy is."

The DC writer then praised showrunner Geoff Johns as being the "spiritual guide" of the show's main villains:

"Geoff Johns has always been our spiritual guide for our bad guys, so he should get most of the credit because he just knows the material so well. I read comic books, but I am not the expert that he is. So it would’ve been, let’s find out who our bad guy or gal or gang is. That would’ve been the most practical thing to figure out."

Pabst admitted that he would jump at the chance to do one more season, but he did point out that he thinks that they "stuck the landing" in Season 4: 

"Well, I would jump. I think we stuck the landing, which is always good, but it’s only a landing!"

The Titans writer also noted that he thinks the show could go for "10 years" if it was not canceled, pointing out that the characters are "beloved" and "getting more interesting as [they] explore them:"

"I’m actually shocked that we got canceled. This is the kind of show that I thought could go for 10 years. These characters are so beloved and getting more interesting as we explore them and new writers come in. So yeah, I would have jumped at the chance… You become attached to the people you make it with. I’m very attached to our cast and our crew, and it would just be great to get the traveling road show back on the road."

Pabst also revealed that he'll be surprised if they don't receive a revival down the line, sharing that the premise of the show was "one of the best superhero premises:"

"I was in a funk for a week when I found out. Greg (Walker) called me up, and we went for drinks we all saw each other, and had a party. And it was super emotional for us! It’s unfortunate. I’ll be honest; I’ll be surprised if we don’t get revived. I’ve heard nothing, but these are such recognizable and emotionally bonded characters. It may be five years, but I’ve always thought the premise (of Titans) was one of the best superhero premises."

Alongside Titans, Doom Patrol showrunner Jeremy Carver also had the same thoughts if a Season 5 will happen, saying that it is still poised to continue "as long as [there is] a fresh and inventive story to tell:"

“As long as you have a fresh and inventive story to tell with your writers, and the actors are still into it, you have the ability to generate high-quality stories. We start to see that with this season as the Doom Patrol, thematically, are being asked to ask themselves, ‘Okay, we see we are going to die. We need to save ourselves… But at what cost?’"

Will Titans Season 5 Ever Happen?

At this point, it is unknown if Titans will be revived with the same group of cast members, but Tom Pabst is right when mentioning that the team's premise in the comics is one of the most recognizable. 

If a revival does happen, there is a strong chance that it will be a full reboot, complete with a new cast and storylines but still focusing on the same characters that fans know and love.

Still, despite Titans being canceled, its showrunner Greg Walker pointed out that HBO Max was "incredibly supportive of the show" amid its ongoing final season run on the streaming service. 

Hopefully, Pabst stayed true to its word that the second half of Titans Season 4 Part 2 will stick the landing to give diehard fans of the show a fitting ending. 

Titans Season 4 Part 2 premieres on HBO Max on Thursday, April 13.

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