The CW Expected to Cancel 2 More DC Superhero Shows

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According to a new report, The CW is expected to cancel another two DC shows left on the network, including Superman & Lois

As the ongoing "reimag[ing] of The CW" continues, cuts of the network's scripted content have been plentiful. 

Since a majority stake in The CW of purchased last year by broadcast group Nexstar, the emphasis has been less and less on scripted series like that of the Arrowverse and its many other DC properties, and more on low-cost unscripted content and even live sports (i.e. the LIV Golf tour). 

All this comes amongst a number of recent DC cancelations by the network including a number of Arrowverse spin-offs like Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, and Stargirl

More DC Series Get the Ax

Superman and Lois

Amid recent cancelations at The CW, two more DC shows are expected to be among the cuts. 

According to Variety, Superman & Lois and Gotham Knights are on the chopping block as the network continues its ongoing retooling. 

Superman & Lois is in the midst of its third season on The CW, meaning if this comes to pass (which Variety noted that it likely will), the upcoming Season 3 finale will also be the series finale. 

Gotham Knights just kicked off its first season back in March, and with news of a cancelation, it looks as though it will be one-and-done. 

 This news comes along with confirmation that Supernatural spin-off The Winchesters and reboot of the classic 1970s action series Kung-Fu both got the ax. 

Other shows expected to be canceled are the cowboy crime drama Walker: Independence and the spin-off of the hit high school football drama All American: Homecoming

A statement from The CW accompanied by the cancelations noted that they " thank our partners at Warner Bros. and the casts and creative teams" for "all their hard work, creativity, and dedication:"

“As we reimagine the new CW, we had to make some tough programming decisions. We thank our partners at Warner Bros. and the casts and creative teams of ‘Kung Fu’ and ‘The Winchesters’ for all their hard work, creativity and dedication.”

Notably, The Hollywood Reporter contradicted this report, adding that its sources had told them that at least one of the DC series would be brought back; however, no official word has been made public by The CW proper. 

What Is Happening at The CW?

Gotham Knights poster

While some fans may look at this and think, "Oh, these DC show cuts are to line up with the ushering in of James Gunn's DCU," that is only a small part of the equation here. 

Yes, a convenient byproduct of this will be that the deck is now clear for Gunn to execute his seamless vision for the super-powered brand, it has a lot more to do with the overall situation at The CW than it does with Gunn and the franchise-changing course.

Ever since Nexstar took the network off of Warner Bros. Discovery's hands (and even before then) it was clear something needed to change at The CW. Before the network was purchased it was estimated to have annualized losses between $300 million and $400 million. 

So, as The CW's new owners try to course-correct, cuts have to be made. And with a proposed solution of focusing on low-cost unscripted content, scripted series like Superman & Lois and Gotham Knights are going to be the casualties. 

Superman & Lois Season 3 continues its run on The CW every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

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