The CW Just Cancelled Its Worst DC Superhero Show

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The CW finally cancelled its worst-rated, and received, DC Comics show

Ever since the announcement of James Gunn’s big DCU reboot in January, the fates of the various splinter DC Comic projects were immediately up for question.

Over the following months, it was announced that HBO Max’s (now just Max) Doom Patrol and Titans would both be cut short in their fourth year. The same went for CW’s Stargirl, which lasted a respectable three seasons.

The CW has been home to DC heroes for over two decades. With The Flash’s recent series finale, the Arrowverse came to an end—leaving only Superman & Lois and Gotham Knights behind.

Of the two, Warner Bros. decided to give Clark Kent at least one more season with his family.

Gotham Knights Canceled at the CW

Gotham Knights CW poster

A new report from Variety revealed that The CW chose to cancel Gotham Knights.

The show first premiered on March 14 earlier this year and was quickly slammed by critics. As it stands, the series is the worst-reviewed DC show that The CW has ever distributed.

Currently, Gotham Knights is sitting at a 23% critic approval score and a 46% audience approval score.

The show's now series finale is set to premiere on June 27. With the Batman spin-off coming to a close, Superman & Lois will be the final DC production remaining on The CW.

The Gotham Knights' Journey Comes to an End

The move shouldn’t be shocking to most.

Gotham Knights was largely the subject of ridicule from DC fans online for its take on the Batman mythos ever since the first footage landed. Many people wondered how it ever got approved in the first place.

While the cancelation will sadden those who avidly followed the show, there are still a few episodes left to go before it’s all done.

Audiences will get a little more Court of Owls action, and witness Misha Collin’s Harvey Dent slip further into insanity—though proper Two-Face payoff will likely never materialize.

For the briefest of moments, it did seem like Warner Bros. was legitimately considering keeping Gotham Knights around—if only because of how cheap it was to make compared to its previous superhero adventures. It looks like the studio applied that logic to its Superman & Lois renewal, as its fourth season will suffer sizable budget cuts.

Gotham Knights airs every Tuesday night on The CW.

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