The CW to Air Alternate Stargirl TV Ending Following Cancellation

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The CW may have canceled Stargirl, but it seems that the show's creatives prepared for this eventuality since an alternate finale was filmed. 

The Arrowverse series has been receiving positive reviews from fans, but it looks like this kind of reception is not enough to keep the show on The CW's slate. This is due to the fact that cancellation has been widespread in The CW, with several Arrowverse shows like Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow being scrapped. 

Facing cancellation concerns, Stargirl lead actress Brec Bassinger admitted that the showrunner "definitely protected the end," saying that fans will receive a "good ending" either way. 

Unfortunately, Stargirl was eventually axed, and now, new details about its ending have been revealed. 

Stargirl Actress Reveals Alternate Ending Plans & Season 4 Ideas 

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Speaking as a guest on The Wayne Ayers podcast, Stargirl actress Brec Bassinger confirmed that The CW will air one of two alternate filmed endings that brings closure to the series. 

Two endings were filmed for Stargirl since the show's producers are aware of the behind-the-scenes news about The CW being purchased by Nexstar,  thus leading to the decision of preparing an alternate "series finale" just in case the show gets cancelled.

Ultimately, Stargirl was cancelled by The CW, leading to the decision of moving forward with the series finale-type ending for the series. 

In the podcast, Bassinger shared that the ending that Stargirl creator Geoff Johns shot has "a lot of beautiful closure" for the series: 

“Yeah I mean, Geoff [Johns] was so smart, because obviously, there’s been a lot of changes in the CW and at Warner Bros. this past year. So, the future of any show was in question. And because of that, he went the extra mile and he shot two different endings, because he did not want to leave the fans with all these question marks. So, there’s a lot of beautiful closure in the last episode.”

When Ayers asked if fans will eventually get to see the alternate finale that was not a series-ender, Bassinger unveiled that Johns "might end up releasing it on DVD," though she isn't sure if that will happen. 

The Arrowverse star also teased that the idea for Season 4 was "insane," but fans won't be able to see it: 

“Yeah, so Geoff said he… I hope I’m not– whatever. He said he might end up releasing it on the DVD. He doesn’t know. I hope he does though. But it will make people sad, because the fourth season idea was insane…. It just would have been epic on a whole different level. And I actually believe that’s why it took so long for us to officially get the cancellation news, because everyone wanted this fourth season to be made… Geoff came in with such a wonderful idea and that’s why I think everyone really fought for it. But you know… It wasn’t meant to be and… it is what it is. But I hope he does [release the alternate ending], because I think… I don’t know, yeah. Maybe. I don’t know. I have no power with that but I think there is a world where people get to see or find out about it.”

How Will Stargirl Season 3 Provide Closure?

It's quite unfortunate that Stargirl was ultimately canceled by The CW, but it's promising that the show's producers prepared for this exact situation. As a result, it allows fans to properly say goodbye to the show while also giving the characters a great send-off without the inclusion of cliffhangers. 

Stargirl Season 3 is approaching its finale packed with twists and turns, especially after the latest episode featured the major death of two season regulars. With three episodes left, it seems that the ramifications of those deaths alongside the return of a Season 1 villain will be addressed sooner rather than later. 

Brec Bassinger's tease about providing "beautiful closure" for the characters suggests that Courtney Whitmore and the JSA will likely defeat their enemies at the end of the season while also giving a happy send-off to its heroes. Whether retiring some of its members or continuing the good fight to protect Blue Valley, a satisfying conclusion is in order for Stargirl

Thankfully, one last Arrowverse crossover between Stargirl and Titans will happen, giving its lead star a chance to interact with other heroes before the show's goodbye.

Stargirl Season 3 premieres on The CW every Wednesday. 

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