The CW Batman Spin-off Show’s Main Villain Revealed In Advance (Report)

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Gotham Knights CW villain

The main villain behind The CW's Batman spin-off Gotham Knights has just been revealed over a month before the March 14 premiere.

Following the announcement of the DC Studios slate, fans now know there are plenty of exciting movies and shows on the way in the years to come from the leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran. But before then, there are still some remnants of the old regime set to trickle out this year, including The CW's Gotham Knights.

The DC series will take place after Bruce Wayne's death and see his adopted son, Turner Hayes, team up with the children of Batman's enemies to clear their names after they are framed for his death. And no, despite the similar premise, Gotham Knights has no connection to the recent game of the same name

Obviously, the primary mystery of Gotham Knights will revolve around the investigation of Batman's death, leaving the true perpetrator as a mystery for now, Although a new report may have revealed the true antagonist of The CW series.

CW's Gotham Knights Finds Its Main Villain

Gotham Knights, The CW

In a recent post on Patreon, insider Daniel Richtman revealed the Court of Owls will serve as the main villain of The CW's Batman spin-off Gotham Knights ahead of the series premiere on March 14.

The Court of Owls is an ancient secret society of Gotham's wealthiest and most important citizens that has existed since the city was founded, using murder and influence to garner political power and shape history.

Court of Owls, Batman

The criminal organization became an urban legend due to its reputation for violent assassinations carried out by its agents. William Cobb, aka Talon, was among these highly-skilled killers and was the assassin sent after Batman by the Court.

During a recent trailer, a blade-wielding figure can be seen taking on the Gotham Knights, and many have speculated this to be the show's take on Talon. Much like the comics' Talon, the mysterious figure has throwing knives strapped to his chest, wears all black, and fights with swords, so this theory seems likely to pull through.

Talon, Gotham Knights, Court of Owls

Damon Dayoub was previously cast in Gotham Knights as Lincoln March, an important character in the Court of Owls in DC Comics. The mayoral candidate was a member of the secret society and a former attendee of the Willowwood Home for Children - a sanitarium for the mentally ill outside of Gotham.

Notably, prior to March's birth, his mother was in a car accident which led to him being born damaged and placed into Willowwood by his parents. While the Talon assassin never knew his parents, he had great reason to suspect they were actually Thomas and Martha Wayne, potentially making him Bruce's brother.

How much of that story The CW will adapt remains to be seen, but Dayoub’s Lincoln March has been called a charismatic and self-made industrialist who is intent on becoming Gotham's mayor. Both March's legacy and his influence as a member of the city's elite are extremely important to him.

Speaking on the castings of Dayoub and Lauren Stamile - who will play his wife Rebecca - the creators behind the show noted that while comic readers may recognize the name Lincoln March, "they should expect some twists:"

“We are absolutely thrilled to add Lauren and Damon to our already stellar cast. It’s very fitting for their characters in particular to join our world of Gotham. And while fans of the comics may recognize Lincoln’s name, they should expect some twists in the stories to come."

DC Goes Big on the Court of Cowls

Despite the fact the organization itself dates back to the 1600s, the Court of Owls was one of the more recent additions to the DC universe, having debuted in Scott Snyder's 2012 Batman comics. They have since been adapted several times in various mediums, quickly becoming a famous part of Gotham's DC lore.

Between appearing in last year's Gotham Knights game and now the CW series of the same now, DC is clearly going big on the Court of Owls. After all, they are one of the most unique, intriguing, and mysterious elements of Batman storytelling, one can only hope that the upcoming series can do them some justice.

But after the trailers have almost been universally panned, expectations are certainly low for Gotham Knights. And with DC Studios having already taken a hacksaw to most of the existing superhero series, most assume the Batman spin-off won't be renewed beyond its already commissioned first season.

However Gotham Knights works out, fans likely won't be waiting long for another attempt at the Court of Owls, as Robert Pattinson has already revealed the secret society will likely appear in The Batman Part II - which recently announced a release date for October 2025.

Gotham Knights will premiere on March 14 on The CW.

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