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Gotham Knights, Batman

While The CW's Arrowverse may be coming to an end in the not-too-distant future, the network remains heavily invested in building the world of DC storytelling from various different angles. This includes the upcoming Gotham Knights series premiering in the near future, which will add to the Batman legacy in a new way on one of DC's core TV networks.

Partially due to the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery, Gotham Knights is already confirmed for a full-season order before its first episode even airs, which will give this new team time to shine as they make their debut. Set to highlight a Gotham City that's reeling in the wake of Bruce Wayne's murder, this new series will be something of a legacy adventure as descendants of Batman's greatest villains join forces with the Dark Knight's adoptive son.

Ahead of the show's 2023 premiere, The CW released Gotham Knights' first poster centered around Oscar Morgan's Turner Hayes, who leads characters like Harper, Cullen Row, and others into their first mission together. Now, even with at least seven months until the show premieres, fans have a look at the first full trailer detailing what to expect in terms of story and action.

Gotham Knights' First Trailer Debuts

The CW released the first full trailer for Gotham Knights on its Facebook page.

The show is set to debut on The CW sometime in 2023, although no other specifics were offered. This also came with an updated title card for the new DC show, featuring gold and silver lettering with an image of the Gotham skyline in the text:

Gotham Knights logo
The CW

Misha Collins' Harvey Dent comes to Wayne Manor to inform Turner Hayes that his adoptive father, Bruce Wayne, had been killed.

Gotham Knights
The CW

Oscar Morgan's Turner Hayes comes to the door while hosting a party to get this horrible news, leading to a dark twist right at the start of this first trailer after a wild night at his father's mansion.

Turner Hayes
The CW

Harvey Dent kneels over Batman's corpse in the streets as the Dark Knight bleeds out, with Dent trying to figure out what happened to Gotham's hero.

Harvey Dent, Gotham Knights
The CW

Dent peels off Batman's cowl as a quick shot puts the hero's death in focus for this trailer, revealing the Caped Crusader's secret identity underneath.

Bruce Wayne, Gotham Knights
The CW

In a later sequence, Turner Hayes and his new companions descend into this show's version of the Batcave, which even includes another copy of Batman's cowl on display after Bruce Wayne's death.

Batman cowl, Gotham Knights
The CW

Hayes holds one of his father's Batarangs in his hand as he explores everything that was hidden from him when Bruce Wayne was alive.

Batarang, Gotham Knights
The CW

Turner Hayes stands next to Anna Lore's Stephanie Brown as they look at everything the Batcave has to offer in their pursuit of justice.

Turner Hayes, Gotham Knights
The CW

The full 3-minute-24-second trailer can be seen below:


CW Ready to Deliver Gotham Knights to Small Screen

With nearly three and a half minutes of footage in this first trailer, fans get an in-depth look at what the Gotham Knights are up against in their first season, mostly as they learn how to work with each other. This isn't the first time The CW has provided a trailer of this length, as it happened with both The Flash in 2014 and Legends of Tomorrow in 2015, as the network makes sure to give fans enough information to be excited for this new program.

While it's still unclear who will be the main villain in Season 1, Misha Collins' Harvey Dent seems to play a major role in hunting these youngsters down and learning the truth as they try to do the same thing to clear their names. The trailer also doesn't give away much in terms of the teams' superhero suits, likely leaving that as a big reveal for later into Season 1.

Overall, this first look gave some fantastic insight and set-up for the Gotham Knights' first full live-action TV project, after the video game of the same name paves the way for the show's arrival (even if they're not connected). Now, the wait begins for an official release date and new information regarding the plot, characters, and more ahead.

Gotham Knights will premiere on The CW sometime in 2023.

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