5 DC Characters Rumored for CW's Batman Spin-off, Gotham Knights

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In the next couple of years, DC's Batman is coming back to the forefront through both theatrical releases in the DCEU and serialized projects on the small screen. Included as a part of the Batman-centric narrative will be a new show called Gotham Knights, which boasts some names from the CW's Arrowverse developing the action behind the scenes.

Gotham Knights is still largely a mystery in regard to its production schedule and story details - there isn't even a confirmation for where it will be available to watch once it films. However, after a successful run in the world of gaming, there is already considerable excitement to see what could become of a live-action show set featuring this storyline.

The first synopsis for Gotham Knights teased a world dealing with the loss of Batman and Bruce Wayne, which leads to his "rebellious adopted son" forming some questionable alliances to clear their names in relation to that murder. Now, new details have come to light about some specific characters that will be involved with that plot line.

DC Characters Rumored for Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights

Murphy's Multiverse revealed rumored character descriptions for five characters appearing in the upcoming Gotham Knights series.

The show is looking for an actor aged 18 or older to fill what should be the role of Dick Grayson, DC's original Robin. He's described as "athletic" and "sensitive" with resiliency and vulnerability after his parents were murdered.

The series will also feature another Robin in Stephanie Brown, also known as Spoiler. This character is "a genius-level hacker" and the daughter of DC villain Cluemaster, who is said to have raised her on "a steady diet of brain teasers and puzzles.”

Warner Bros is searching for an 18-year-old actress for Stephanie, who's said to be "sarcastic and smart."

The team will also feature Harper Row, for whom Warner Bros. is looking for a female to play a “blue-haired bisexual” who's now living on the streets in order to get away from "her abusive home life." Row's brother, Cullen, will join her as a part of the main cast, with the studio searching for "a transgender actor who identifies as male" to play the character.

The report also shared information on a woman that's said to be the daughter of "the most dangerous man in Gotham," who could be Duela Dent, the daughter of the Joker. However, Duela has also laid claim to being related to nearly every Gotham villain in history.

Another description introduces a "quick-witted British attache" who fits the bill of Julia Pennyworth, daughter of Batman's butler Alfred. in DC Comics, Julia worked to avenger Alfred after he was disabled in an attack, and she helps to take over his duties by working with the Bat-Family to "coordinate their efforts."

Lucius Fox's daughter Tiffany is also on the list of potentials to be included in the cast.

Gotham Knights Slowly Coming Together

With various different amalgamations of team members in other media, the Gotham Knights TV show looks to be taking its own unique path into Batman's legacy on the small screen.

In the upcoming Gotham Knights video game, other key players alongside Robin or Nightwing include heroes such as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl and Jason Todd/Red Hood. With Batgirl coming in her own solo movie on HBO Max and no signs pointing to plans for other characters to join the fray, more details on that matter may not come until it's known which universe Gotham Knights exists in.

Seeing Dick Grayson team up with the offspring of Batman's worst enemies will give fans a look into a team that's never been seen before on-screen, even with two movies centered on the Suicide Squad already released.

With no release date or production timeframe known at the current time, these listings are all that help provide a clearer picture of what exactly Warner Bros. is planning for the Gotham Knights. The hope is that more of that picture will come to light as new details find their way into the public, although there's no way to predict when that time will come.

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