New Gotham Knights Set Video Spoils Major Appearance In CW Batman Spin-off

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Although the CW's future with DC-related projects may be in jeopardy, the TV network's team continues to bring new stories to life, including the recently-announced Gotham Knights show. Coming as a spin-off series linked to the Batman legacy, Gotham Knights will explore a unique take on characters with ties to the Caped Crusader, even tackling a world without Bruce Wayne.

Only a few weeks ago, Fallon Smythe and Tyler DiChiara became the first official cast members in this new series, playing Harper Row and her brother, Cullen, respectively. Harper will be one of about half a dozen other offspring of classic Batman villains who have all been framed for killing Bruce Wayne.

With this being classified as a Batman spin-off, Gotham Knights likely won't spend much time centered on the playboy billionaire turned vigilante, even if his death is one of the key plot points. However, that idea may change thanks to a recently uncovered set video that showed an unexpected character playing a role in the series.

Batman's Place in Gotham Knights TV Show

WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for Gotham Knights.

Batman Gotham Knights

The Cosmic Circus uncovered a Tik Tok video that teased Bruce Wayne's role in the upcoming Gotham Knights series.

Coming from the show's set in Vancouver, Canada, the video shows off trailers for much of the cast and crew, including the writers, the director, and Tyler DiChiara's Cullen Row. Also seen is a trailer that's labeled "Bruce Wayne," and the report details that there was an actor playing Bruce on set as well.


How Big is Bruce Wayne's Role?

Fans already knew that Bruce Wayne's presence would be felt in the Gotham Knights series, as his death is the reason that the show's youngsters come together in the first place. The funeral scene for Batman ties in seamlessly with that theory, but it seems as though there may be a bigger role for the man behind the cowl in other parts of the story.

It's also a mystery who will actually bring Bruce Wayne to life alongside the show's core cast of villainous offspring, especially with the actor's trailer only being labeled as "Bruce Wayne" instead of including his Batman alias. Additionally, this role could be a small one, since Bruce is more than likely killed off early in the show's first few episodes.

Regardless of the details, it should be exciting to see another version of the famous DC billionaire come to life alongside a new breed of anti-heroes in this universe on The CW.

Gotham Knights is currently filming, and there is no set timetable for the show's release.

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