CW's Batman Spin-off, Gotham Knights, Casts Its Lead Stars

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Thanks to Matt Reeves' The Batman, the Dark Knight is front and center once again. Audiences are in a DC state of mind, and many are glowing after their experiences watching the latest film. On top of that, there are two additional television series set to premiere on HBO Max that spin out of Robert Pattinson's world. The first is set to follow the Penguin, while the other will focus on Arkham Asylum.

Those, however, are far from the first set of television shows based around the DC Comics universe. The biggest set of shows in this regard belongs to the CW and its Arrow-Verse, which consists of series such as ArrowThe FlashLegends of TomorrowBlack LightningSuperman & Loisand Batwoman.

Outside of those, there are the likes of Titans, Doom Patrol, and Stargirl, which all inhabit their own universe. Then, of course, there's the classic Smallville and the recent DCEU smash hit Peacemaker.

Not too long ago, it was announced that CW is set to create another big television show based around iconic DC characters. This one is titled Gotham Knights and it follows one of Batman's prodigies teaming up with some of the late Dark Knight's rogues after they are framed for the murder of Bruce Wayne.

Now it looks like casting for the show has finally begun.

Gotham Knights Gets Some Cast

Gotham Knights cast
Tyler DiChiara and Fallon Smythe

Variety revealed that two new stars have joined CW's Gotham Knights. Fallon Smythe will appear as Harper Row, and Tyler DiChiara will play her brother, Cullen Row.

In the comics, Harper is known as Bluebird and is an ally to both Batman and Red Robin. She helped save Bruce Wayne's life after a defeat at the hands of the Court of Owls.

Cullen, besides being her brother, doesn't have a superhero persona of his own, or much notable comic lore to go with him.

Gotham Knights will follow a story where Bruce Wayne is murdered, and his (still unidentified or casted) rebellious son forms an unlikely alliance with children of some of Batman's biggest enemies, who all have been framed for killing the famous billionaire.

Smythe has previously been seen in the Disney Channel series I Didn't Do It as well as Nickelodeon's Lost in the West. As for DiChiara, two recent films of his are Relish and The Virgin of Highland Park.

Who Are the Gotham Knights?

While not officially known, there have been several names rumored for the leading role in the upcoming Gotham Knights show; among them were both Harper and Cullen Row, the two characters now confirmed thanks to this news.

One of the key roles not yet confirmed is Dick Grayson, who is likely the rebellious son of Bruce Wayne teased in the official synopsis for the show. Dick is set to become pretty popular over the next few years, as not only does he continue to be the leading man in Titans, but rumors have been swirling that the DCEU will also get its version of the famous Robin in Leslie Grace's upcoming Batwoman.

Other names who might join the off-kilter bunch are Duela Dent, Stephanie Brown, and Julia Pennyworth. Dent is the daughter of the Joker, Brown is known as the genius-level hacker Spoiler, and Julia is the daughter of everyone's favorite butler, Alfred.

Sadly, fans will have to continue waiting for more information on what this series will entail. Until then, why not give The Batman another watch, or spend time watching other big DC shows such as Superman & Lois or Peacemaker.

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