Gotham Knights: New Easter Egg-Filled Poster Teases Plot of Batman Game

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At DC FanDome last year, fans were surprised by the announcement of Gotham KnightsWhile the game looks like it is set within the same universe as the past Arkham-based games, it is in fact within its own continuity. But that hasn't hurt the hype for this game.

One thing that separates it from the previous Batman games is that Bruce Wayne isn't among the living. The protection of the city now falls to the Gotham Knights: Jason Todd's Red Hood, Tim Drake's Robin, Barbra Gordon's Batgirl, and Dick Grayson's Nightwing. 

Players will be able to select between these four Gotham Knights to play as. Each will have their own distinct playstyles, and players can switch between them throughout their playthrough. There's even integrated cooperative play for multiplayer fun, allowing friends to explore and defend the city together.

Ever since its reveal, however, news on the game's production has been radio silent. That is, until a new poster teased the death of the Dark Knight. 

Gotham Knights Teases Batman's Death

The official Twitter account for the upcoming Gotham Knights game just teased the death of Bruce Wayne. 

The caption of the post reads: "As the Knight falls, a new legacy will rise. #DCFanDome"

This is a clear indication that the game will have a big presence at this year's DC FanDome event. The picture attached to the tease shows burnt newspaper clippings on the ground showing the reports of Wayne's demise: 

Gotham Knights, Xbox, Playstation, Batman, DCU
DC Comics

The teaser image potentially houses more hints towards the game than one might notice.

For one, the owner of the Gotham Gazette is "The Elliot Company," which might be a nod to the infamous Batman villain Hush. The article itself was written by Vicky Vale, a famous reporter from the Batman world.

Gotham Knights, Xbox, Playstation, Batman, DCU
DC Comics

The classified section is a goldmine in terms of Easter Eggs. First, there's a listing for a personal assistant for Falcone Enterprises, which is likely Carmine Falcone's business venture. Then it seems that Penguin is looking for a bartender for his base of operations, the Iceberg Lounge.

Gotham Knights, Xbox, Playstation, Batman, DCU
DC Comics

Pamela's Cafe can be seen right under those listings. Maybe this world's Poison Ivy has retired to run her own dine-in establishment? 

Long Live the Gotham Knights

It's a brave decision to have such a big game in Batman's world without the Caped Crusader being an active part of it. That being said, maybe it's about time for his Bat-family to get some of the spotlight, since they haven't really gotten all that much time to shine elsewhere.

Hopefully, the game is as good as it looks. The action RPG gameplay looks to add some additional flavor to the Arkham series' usual gameplay, and each character looks like they will be a blast to control.

Despite Bruce Wayne's death being the main hook for the audiences, many believe that Batman might not actually be dead in the game. There's a good chance that The Dark Knight will be alive by the end of the game, perhaps having been entangled with some underground conspiracy. The prevailing theory includes the Court of Owls, who got an awesome tease at the end of the game's first trailer.

Fans are just a few weeks away from DC FanDome, where the wait will finally be over and more of Gotham Knights will be revealed. The game won't be alone, as Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is also set to take the stage. It's a good time to be both a DC fan and a gamer.

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